NatWest® Retail Banking chooses VideoLogic® and Dell® computers for Multimedia PC solution

VideoLogic and Direct PC manufacturer, Dell Computers have won an order from NatWest Retail Banking Platform® (RBP) Division to supply Business Multimedia PCs for NatWest's interactive staff training program. Dell Computers will integrate VideoLogic's award-winning GrafixStar 700TM and MPEG PlayerTM cards into the new Dell OptiPlex GSPlusTM PC, which will be installed in NatWest branches nationwide.

"VideoLogic has always designed its products to meet the corporate demand for high-quality graphics and video," said Kevin Dale, European sales and marketing manager for VideoLogic. "With existing corporate customers such as Rover and Daewoo, we are very pleased that our products have been recognised by such an important industry leader as NatWest."

The Dell OptiPlex GSPlus is based on a Pentium 166 processor and comes with a 2 GB hard drive, 32 MB of system memory, a 256K cache and a 15" ultra-scan monitor as standard.

The GrafixStar 700 is based on the S3 Vision 968TM 64-bit graphics controller, uses 2 MB of high performance VRAM and is designed for the professional market. Using a low cost VMC controller module incorporating VideoLogic's PP64 silicon, the GrafixStar 700 has full VMC (VESA Media Channel) capability.

Once VMC is connected, multiple high-quality video functions can be added as and when required at very low cost, such as MPEG playback, TV tuner, video display, still and video capture, as well as videoconferencing. Since its launch GrafixStar 700 has received over 12 industry awards for quality and performance, including the coveted PC Magazine Best Multimedia Product of the Year in January 1996.

Connected to the VMC controller is the VideoLogic MEPG Player which delivers professional quality, full-screen video playback and CD-quality audio.

Widely recognised as one of the best MPEG playback cards in the market, MPEG Player received the coveted PC Magazine Editor's Choice award in 1995 and the PC Magazine Best Multimedia Product of the Year in January 1996.About Dell Computer Corporation

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