VideoLogic Systems Becomes PURE Digital

VideoLogic Systems – a division of Imagination Technologies (LSE:IMG: 'Imagination') – today announced that it is changing its name to 'PURE Digital'.

VideoLogic introduced its PURE brand name in October 2001 for a range of premium home entertainment and consumer audio products including the acclaimed PURE DRX-601EX portable DAB digital radio. The change in name reflects the changing nature of the division's product range, which has broadened from its PC video and graphics focused origins to include award-winning consumer products in support of the new technology areas being developed by Imagination. These already include digital radio and home audio systems, and will in future encompass digital video in TV and DVD's and wireless communication enabling advanced digital media distribution in the home environment.

Says Kevin Dale, president, PURE Digital: "The PURE brand has been very well received in the marketplace, building on the equity of our highly respected VideoLogic brand. We've chosen the occasion of the launch of our truly revolutionary third-generation DAB digital radio products, the PURE EVOKE-1 and DRX-701ES, to make PURE our primary brand."

PURE Digital announced its PURE EVOKE-1 DAB digital radio earlier this month. The revolutionary EVOKE-1 is the world's first sub-£100 DAB digital radio. At this price point the superb sound quality and content of DAB digital radio is finally accessible to the mainstream of UK consumers. PURE Digital today announces the launch of the PURE DRX-701ES, the next generation DAB digital radio tuner based on Imagination's META and ENSIGMA technologies (see separate press release).

The existing network of VideoLogic distributors and retailers will carry the PURE product range. The newly named PURE Digital division will continue to use the well-known VideoLogic brand for certain product categories.