VideoLogic Announces ITCI as New French Distributor

VideoLogic Systems – a division of Imagination Technologies – today announces the appointment of ITCI as a distribution partner for France.

ITCI is a leading distributor of multimedia PC products in France and already distributes products from major branded manufacturers including Sony, Philips, Racer, Teac, Mustek, Archos, Princo and Traxdata.

Says Toni Badani, sales manager, ITCI: "ITCI knows that the PC market demands constant technical and commercial innovation which is why we work only with innovative and dynamic partners. VideoLogic has groundbreaking products that have won numerous awards from many leading European PC magazines and we're delighted to introduce its strong product family to a broader range of French customers."

VideoLogic's products include the Vivid!XS graphics card (1190 FF) and the SonicFury sound card (790 FF). VideoLogic also designs and manufactures the advanced Sirocco PC speaker range and DigiTheatre home entertainment speaker systems. VideoLogic's current product range has won over 100 awards from the European PC press.

Vivid!XS is based on STMicroelectronics' advanced KYRO II graphics processor designed by PowerVR Technologies, which, like VideoLogic is a division of Imagination Technologies. Vivid!XS shows clear performance leadership when compared with other products in its class on popular games and industry benchmarks.

SonicFury sets a new benchmark for PC audio with an extensive, innovative feature set that includes a re-configurable DSP core, six-channel sound and audiophile performance. This affordable and versatile sound card enhances every major PC audio application from MP3 digital music through gaming with 3D sound to PC-based home theatre.For further information about VideoLogic products in France contact ITCI on:

TEL (+33) 1 61 04 04 54
FAX : (+33) 1 61 04 04 55