VideoLogic Appoints Et Cetera Distribution

VideoLogic - the international company that develops, designs and supplies market-leading 2D/3D graphics, video and audio technologies and products - has today announced the appointment of Et Cetera Distribution as a distributor of its audio products in the music studio and PC audio markets.

Et Cetera is the leading UK supplier of computer music and sound products for composing, recording, editing and performing music and sound on the PC desktop. Et Cetera supplies hardware and software products for composing, performing, recording, and editing music and sound from companies including: Yamaha, Cakewalk, Syntrillium, Voyetra, Digital Audio Labs, Gadget Labs, Casio, Soundtrek, MusicWare, Coda, Turtle Beach, Frontier Design, Innovative Quality Systems, KCCM Publishing, Personal Composer, Sion, and AdB.

Colin Budgen, sales and marketing director, Et Cetera, says: "Our products are used by professional, semi-professional and hobbyist musicians and audiophiles alike - markets which VideoLogic's products seamlessly crossover. VideoLogic's Sirocco speakers, for example, have the quality and sheer class required for professional and semi-professional monitoring, while maintaining a price point accessible even to hobbyists.

"We don't just sell any old products, we limit them to a carefully selected range, each and every one is evaluated for functionality, quality and performance. In this way we can have confidence in our products and make sure that we can back them up with an exceptionally high level of supply, service, and support. VideoLogic's audio products have a proven pedigree, with numerous magazine awards and recommendations and we are delighted to have them in our range."

Kevin Dale, marketing and sales director, VideoLogic Systems says: "The appointment of Et Cetera as a distributor for the music studio and PC audio markets reinforces our commitment to this rapidly growing sector. Our audio products have already caused a lot of excitement amongst PC musicians and we are delighted that Et Cetera are onboard to further increase our success in that market."

Et Cetera aims to bring many of the capabilities of the professional recording studio to mainstream PC and MAC platforms at PC retail prices. To the budding musician Et Cetera's product portfolio offers the affordable way to discover how easy it is to create music and sound on the desktop and opens up to everyone the capability of composing, arranging, producing and editing music. To the music and audio engineering industries Et Cetera offers alternatives or a complementary range to traditional hardware-based solutions that are often costly, proprietary and analogue in format. To the personal computer industry Et Cetera offers the ideal tools for adding music and sound to everyday computing applications such as corporate presentations and web sites.About Et Cetera Distribution

Et Cetera Distribution, founded in 1993, is the number one UK wholesaler of market leading PC music and sound products. It supplies hardware and software products for composing, performing, recording, and editing music and sound. Et Cetera's products are used by music educators, professional, semi-professional and hobbyist musicians and audiophiles alike.