PURE Digital Enables Electronic Programme Guide on Bug DAB Radio

London, UK: PURE Digital – a division of Imagination Technologies – has released Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) support for the Bug DAB digital radio. The Bug1 is the first DAB radio to be enabled with an EPG.

The trial software upgrade can be installed on all current Bug radios and enables users to browse programmes for a single station or all programmes at a particular time2, see a short description of each programme, and select them for scheduled listening or recording to SD memory card. The advanced Bug DAB digital radio was the first to feature pause, rewind and record features and is already widely commercially available. The USB-enabled Bug radio can be upgraded with new functionality by the user using software downloaded from PURE's website3.

Says Kevin Dale, general manager, PURE Digital: "The EPG brings the functionality we now take for granted in digital television broadcasts to DAB digital radio and is set to permanently change the way listeners interact with their radios. PURE was the first with affordable DAB products, first with handheld DAB and first with recordable DAB. We're delighted to again allow PURE Bug radio owners to be first to enjoy the new EPG features."

Trial EPG broadcasts are currently ongoing in the UK, enabled by Unique Interactive and the BBC, and further services are expected to be launched later in the year. A full Bug EPG software release is expected in Q1/2005, after completion of the EPG trials.

The EPG software was developed by Ensigma, another division of Imagination Technologies, which has unparalleled know-how in the development and deployment of DAB technologies.

Said Martin Woodhead, general manager, Ensigma: "EPG trials are now ongoing in the UK from both commercial broadcasters and the BBC. The programmability of our DAB platform solution combined with the Bug's simple upgrade feature means we're in a unique position of being able to provide PURE with test software releases for Bug users while the trial service is on air and the standards are still being ratified. This is another in Ensigma's long history of DAB firsts."4

Matthew Honey, Managing Director of Unique Interactive, also comments, "The EPG opens up a huge range for opportunities for both public sector and commercial digital radio broadcasters. In conjunction with the BBC, we have been running EPG trial services in the UK and abroad for over 12 months and I am delighted that PURE Digital has now released a software upgrade for their pioneering Bug DAB Digital Radio. The consumer demand for a radio EPG is growing fast and we will continue to work with broadcasters and manufacturers around the world to launch similar services as DAB continues to be rolled out internationally."

Editor's Notes

1 PURE Digital and design guru Wayne Hemingway have teamed up to create The Bug a DAB digital radio with striking looks and advanced features including MP3 playback and ReVu™, which lets users pause, rewind and record live radio. Available now in either white or graphite for around £129.99.

2 Subject to the availability of broadcast EPG data

3 Requires SD Card

4 Ensigma has unparalleled know-how in the development and deployment of DAB technologies, leading to the capture of the major share of technology solutions for the global DAB market today, with Ensigma technology shipping in around 70% of OEM products. It's innovations include the first 16-bit implementations of the audio codecs used in DAB applications; the first low cost DAB implementations, enabling sub-£99 digital radios; supporting the lowest power receivers in the market, ensuring market-leading battery life for handheld DAB receivers; MPEG-4 video decode over DAB; combining multi-standard DAB and DVB-T reception in a single SoC solution; and now EPG implementation.About Unique Interactive

Unique Interactive is one of the leading data delivery developers in the UK specialising in DAB Digital Radio data, multimedia content delivery and online media archiving. The company supplies DAB Digital Radio data solutions and Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) management, online media delivery and archiving services to a wide variety of clients. Further information can be found at www.uniqueinteractive.co.uk.

Unique Interactive is part of the UBC Media Group plc, a UK public company quoted on the London Stock Exchange's AIM market. The group is a market leader in the supply of content to the radio, Internet and digital television industries in the UK. See: www.ubcmedia.com