PURE DigiTheatre Platinum Home Cinema Speaker System Price Reduction

PURE Digital – a division of Imagination Technologies – is making its DigiTheatre Platinum speaker system, winner of the Best DVD Upgrade Under £1000 and Editor's Choice Award from What Home Cinema (January 2003), available to more retailers, and at the same time dropping the price to a highly-competitive £399.99 (inc. VAT).

The DigiTheatre Platinum digital home cinema audio system is an incredible 5.1 surround sound speaker system which decodes Dolby Digital, Pro Logic and DTS soundtracks and pumps out an explosive 220W RMS. Its big sound gives a truly memorable home cinema experience but the system is designed to be stylish and discreet, complementing any living space. DigiTheatre Platinum provides this outstanding hi-fi quality audio and design for just £399.99.

Said: Essential Home Cinema (Issue 18): "An impressive mid-range system… the silver grilles reflect a metallic glow that gives the package a strangely smooth allure…The integrated system gives a well balanced audio delivery and a consistently clean and lucid sound…"

Said Boy's Toys magazine (December 2002): "A powerful update to an already popular home cinema speaker system… Output is a sofa-shaking 220 W RMS… the satellite speakers are small enough to tuck away too… Well worth checking out."

DigiTheatre Platinum uses the latest speaker technologies and high-end components to deliver a system that offers audio excellence as well as stylish good looks. Meticulous attention has been spent on designing DigiTheatre Platinum's hi-fi quality components – including five dedicated speakers, a powerful subwoofer, a high performance DSP surround sound processor and an integrated multi-channel amplifier – resulting in a beautifully balanced acoustic performance with awesome power.

DigiTheatre Platinum features satellite speakers manufactured from acoustically non-resonant, mica-loaded polymer with separate 10mm neodymium tweeters and 3" mid-range drivers. The drivers feature a cast aluminium chassis, polypropylene cone, rubber surround, phase correction dust caps and neodymium magnets.

The dual-ported centre speaker contains twin 3" hi-fi drive units with concentric tweeters. Exhilarating low-frequency effects are enabled by an 8" long-throw subwoofer housed in a triple ported MDF cabinet.

Styled in silver and complete with remote control and cool blue LCD display on the centre speaker, DigiTheatre Platinum is ideally suited for use with stand-alone DVD players and can also be used with DVD-capable PCs with S/PDIF Dolby Digital or DTS output or with XBOX and Playstation2 games consoles.

DigiTheatre Family

DigiTheatre Platinum is the latest product in the DigiTheatre home cinema range, which has made a considerable impact in the DVD market by offering comprehensive features at price points previously unheard of for such high quality digital audio decoding. The DigiTheatre range has already taken dozens of awards including Best For Value - DVD Review, Editor's Choice - DVD Review, Best Buy - What Video & TV, 5/5 from Home Entertainment, Best Buy - PlayNation, Star Buy - Home Cinema Choice.

Advanced Digital Features

DigiTheatre Platinum features an advanced, high-performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor) to provide full decode for Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks as well as Dolby Pro Logic, Audio CD (with the choice of 'Hall' or 'Theatre' surround/effects modes) and DTS Audio CD1. The centre speaker's integrated control panel and DigiTheatre Platinum's hi-fi style remote control provide total control of all system functions.

With its integrated amplifier and decoder DigiTheatre Platinum is easy to connect and easy to use. The system control panel, with its attractive cool blue LCD display, is integrated into the centre speaker system and all system functions are accessible directly from the control panel or by remote control.

Optical and coaxial digital (S/P-DIF) inputs enable connection to any DVD player or DVD-capable PC (with a digital output) for Dolby Digital or DTS surround sound, or to CD/MiniDisc for stereo surround sound.

DigiTheatre Platinum is supplied with a two-year warranty with a full technical support service including a telephone help-line and web based technical support.

5.1 Home Cinema Formats

DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 are technologies developed for use in cinemas that now enable DVD discs to create a stunning audio experience in the home. Powerful and easy to install, DigiTheatre Platinum turns a DTS or Dolby Digital compatible DVD player into a complete home cinema system, transforming movies with a digital soundtrack into a truly compelling home cinema experience.

An amazing technology for surround sound entertainment, DTS Digital Surround is an encode/decode system that delivers six channels (5.1) of master-quality, 20-bit audio each of which is audibly superior to the 16-bit linear PCM audio found on conventional compact discs.

For Dolby Digital and DTS playback from DVD a DVD player that has Dolby or DTS output is required. These players are marked with Dolby or DTS logos.

Editor's Note

1 DTS-encoded compact discs play on any 5.1 surround system that utilises a DTS decoder and a compact disc player or DVD player with a digital output.