VideoLogic Brings 3D Graphics and Control Functions to Jesler Electraride Motion-Based Simulators

VideoLogic Systems - a division of Imagination Technologies - has announced that it is supplying both PowerVR graphics and controller boards for the Electraride motion-based simulators produced by Jesler Enterprises Inc. The VideoLogic Neon 250 graphics board is a high performance combined 2D and 3D graphics solution ideal for arcade applications. The VideoLogic R-Cade Master is the only fully integrated, intelligent solution available for all arcade-interfacing needs. Electraride can be seen at the ATEI show in London from January 23rd - 15th 2001.

Electraride is a single seat, two-degrees of freedom, all-electric motion simulator, designed as a versatile, networkable platform to enhance the realism of the latest PC based games. Electraride has been selling on the market for seven months with outstanding results. More games for the system and further enhancements are planned, enabling the networking of up to four units. The first game released is Ultimate Race Pro, developed by Kalisto Entertainment in France. Other content is in the works for the Electraride Platform. Jesler is headquartered in Ontario, Canada.

Says Michael Sabatino, president, Jesler Enterprises Inc.: "The key selling factors of this machine are: Fun, Sleek Appearance and Affordability. VideoLogic has enabled us to produce a cost-effective solution with amazing 3D graphics."

Kevin Dale, president, VideoLogic Systems says: "PowerVR Series2 is the leading-edge graphics architecture already used in the Sega Dreamcast console and Naomi arcade game systems. We have brought this technology to Jesler's location based entertainment devices to provide superior arcade graphics and performance."