VideoLogic® Systems Announces New Arcade Win With Midwest

VideoLogic Systems today announced that it will be supplying both graphics acceleration and controller boards for a new arcade machine from Midwest Amusement Corporation. Ultim@te Race is being demonstrated for the first time this week by VideoLogic and Kalisto at the ATE International show in London.

Ultim@te Race is based on the Intel Open Arcade Architecture, as defined by the Open Arcade Architecture Forum, of which VideoLogic is a founding member.

Ultim@te Race utilises a customised PC system from Compaq, the latest Pentium II processor technology from Intel and VideoLogic's and NEC Electronic Inc.'s PowerVR Series2™ graphics acceleration as well as the VideoLogic R-Cade Master and R-Cade Force controller boards which handle essential game features such as force-feedback for the steering mechanism, button, lamp and coin-operation.

Kevin Dale, marketing and sales director, VideoLogic Systems, says: "A machine based on the Open Arcade architecture, utilising PowerVR Series2 and our R-cade Master and Force control boards provides maximum flexibility and can cost as little as $5,000. This will enable more locations to install these machines and new arcade markets to be opened up."

Adds Yoshi Nakanishi, President, Midwest Amusement Corp.: "The combination of the Open Arcade Architecture and VideoLogic's graphics and controller solution provides a revolutionary way of creating arcade machines that break important price barriers. These machines are accessible to any operator, yet break new ground in performance."

Ultim@te Race has been written for the arcade by Kalisto Entertainment. Says Nicolas Gaume, Kalisto CEO: "Our Ultim@te Race series on the PC platform has been tremendously successful, winning numerous awards and breaking new ground in graphics quality. Ultim@te Race extends the family with the fastest, most graphically accomplished version yet. This really is the Ultim@te Race!"Ultim@te Race

The game features 8 powerful cars with different driving capabilities (grip, speed, acceleration and shield); full 3D tracks; a dynamic physical engine; three different views; computer opponents or multiplayer racing using up to 8 linked arcade machines.

Graphic features under Power VR Series2 3D acceleration include: VGA resolution, 24 bit colour display; metallic reflection on the car; background animation; lens flare; day, dusk, dawn & night atmosphere; car lights effects; sparks; smoke; skid marks; rain & storm effects; fog effect; ground projection; real time shadow and 3D physical car damage.

The game also uses force feedback steering wheel control for a realistic driving experience, enabled through VideoLogic's R-Cade Master fitted with the R-Cade Force option card.

Arcade PC Management

Midwest's networked system of PC-based coin-operated video game machines utilises Computer AssociatesÒ Arcade PC Management system that provides game system monitoring with local restart and restore, hardware management and electronic software delivery and configuration. Asset management features allow arcade operators to collect critical gameplay information including coin-drop and profile information.

About Midwest

Midwest Amusement Corporation, founded in 1995, is a distributor and operator of coin-operated arcade amusement machines. Midwest Amusement is headquartered in metropolitan Chicago, Illinois with a sales office in Tokyo, Japan. By leveraging strategic relationships with several major companies including VideoLogic and NEC Electronics, Midwest Amusement has developed a networked system of PC-based coin-operated arcade video game machines using leading edge PC hardware, software and network technologies.

About PowerVR Series2 Technology

The PowerVR Series2 graphics technology for game consoles, personal computers and arcade systems achieves high-level performance and superior image quality at consumer price points. PowerVR's cross-platform strategy benefits system manufacturers, game developers and game players by increasing the demand for the latest premium-featured 3D hardware and software. PowerVR Series2 is API-neutral with support for Microsoft® Direct X™, native PowerVR API and Open GL. Additional information about PowerVR Series2 technology can be found at