VideoLogic® Systems Takes Control Of Arcade Systems

VideoLogic Systems - the international company that develops, designs and supplies market-leading 2D/3D graphics accelerator and audio products for PCs, games consoles and arcade entertainment machines - has announced a new family of revolutionary controller boards for arcade systems.

The VideoLogic R-Cade Master is the only fully integrated, intelligent solution available for all arcade interfacing needs. R-Cade Master can be coupled with the R-Cade Force daughter board to provide body-shaking force feedback.

Kevin Dale, marketing and sales director, VideoLogic Systems says: "R-Cade Master and R-Cade Force, combined with the R-Cade Vision 250 graphics card, enable a full blown ArcadePC implementation to be created around a low cost PC."

The R-Cade family also includes the R-Cade Vision 250 graphics accelerator, based on the PowerVR Series2™ technology from VideoLogic and NEC.

R-Cade Master

The R-Cade Master board comes with an RS232 serial interface and has Microsoft DirectInput drivers, making it ideally suited to ArcadePC applications as well as traditional custom arcade systems.

R-Cade Master provides a complete solution for interfacing to analogue joysticks and steering wheels, coin mechanisms, buttons, lamps, ticket dispensers, etc. R-Cade Master also provides a large (8KB) non-volatile storage area for holding key game information including coin drops, high scores and configuration data.

R-Cade Master has a small 117x152mm (4.6" x 6") footprint, using low cost industry standard Molex-style connectors. It can be mounted inside a PC, or externally, as the only connection to the PC is a serial cable.

R-Cade Force

The optional R-Cade Force daughter card provides force feedback motor drive. It is mounted within the footprint of the R-Cade Master board. Future daughter cards will provide optical light-gun and tracker ball support.

R-Cade Master and R-Cade Force are sampling now and will begin shipping in April 1999, available direct from VideoLogic. R-Cade Vision will be available in Q2 1999.

Technical Specifications

R-Cade Master

  • 8 analog inputs for joysticks, steering wheels, etc.
  • Short travel amplifiers on 4 analog inputs
  • 32 discrete digital inputs for switches (not matrixed)
  • 16 lamp drive outputs (12V 300mA open collector)
  • Dual solenoid drive outputs (24V 5A pulsed, open collector)
  • 8KB non-volatile storage (EEPROM)
  • Microprocessor supervisor and watchdog timer
  • 4 pulse width modulation (PWM) channels for force feedback (>20KHz).
  • RS232 serial control interface.
  • USB interface. Contact VideoLogic for driver availability.
  • Interface to force feedback motor amplifiers.
  • Dual deadman inputs.
  • Expansion connector.
  • Single +5V supply, 0.5A nominal.
Optional modules:

  • R-Cade Force PWM force feedback module (±20V max. at 5A).
  • Light gun interface.
  • Optical tracker ball interface.

The VideoLogic R-Cade Master is supplied with a comprehensive Software Development Kit for game developers, including:

  • Standard DirectInput driver
  • Extended API for coin-op credit interface, lamp and solenoid outputs
  • Damper, periodic, and constant DirectInput force support
  • Non-volatile configuration via interactive tool with visual feedback
  • Configuration of input/output sense, analog input centring and scaling
  • Tuning of input sensitivity and output filtering of force outputs
  • Full documentation for installation, configuration, and use of extended APIs and features
  • Fully configurable diagnostic screen for field engineers