Jaton Corporation Selects PowerVR from VideoLogic and NEC for New 3D Upgrade Accelerator Card

VideoLogic Group Plc is pleased to report that Jaton Corporation, one of the world's largest manufacturers of video graphics accelerator cards, has announced an upgrade 3D-accelerator card called 3D Game Card based on the PowerVR PCX2 3D controller from NEC and VideoLogic.

The upgrade 3D Game Card will enable users to build on their earlier generation of 2D graphics cards and take advantage of the performance and quality of PowerVR-based 3D graphics. The new 3D Game Card with 4MB of SDRAM, two bundled full-version Sega games and a variety of 3D demo games, will be available by the end of January 1998 at $79.00.

"The Jaton 3D Game Card's exceptional quality and price makes it the perfect solution for any PC user to upgrade their 2D PC to a high performance, high resolution 3D PC," Meng Lee, vice president, Jaton Corporation, said. "The PowerVR technology is also a great compliment to the Jaton graphics accelerator product line."About Jaton

Jaton Corporation founded in 1983, with headquarters in Milpitas, Calif. and overseas offices in Europe and Asia. Jaton is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of video graphic and modem cards. The company also produces a full line of video cards, communication devices, motherboards and memory modules. Jaton currently employs more than 350 people including production, research and development, and a full staff of sales and marketing people.

Jaton ships more than 500,000 video cards per month from its 100,000-sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Milpitas, Calif., to customers worldwide. This facility includes seven full assembly lines with 24-hour daily production. In addition to their US plant, they have two surface mount lines in Singapore, which gives them a total worldwide capacity of up to one million video cards a month. Research & Development, product testing, packaging, servicing and shipping is also conducted as part of Jaton's manufacturing process. Jaton offers a total manufacturing solution for their customers by providing everything in-house, from raw materials to finished goods.