VideoLogic Announces Retail Agreement With Electronics Boutique Extending Existing US Retail Distribution into the UK

VideoLogic has today announced a new retail agreement with Electronics Boutique UK, the UK's largest specialist retailer of computer software and video games, for its award winning high performance 3D graphics gaming card, Apocalypse 3Dx.

With 148 stores across the UK, Electronics Boutique will be promoting and selling VideoLogic's powerful Apocalypse 3Dx graphics card in all its tier 1 stores. VideoLogic Apocalypse products are already available in Electronics Boutique stores throughout North America. Electronics Boutique has more than 645 stores worldwide.

"The agreement between VideoLogic and Electronics Boutique in the US has been an incredible success as the demand from PC gamers to upgrade their systems with 3D graphics increases," said Jessica Adams, head of marketing for Electronics Boutique UK. "We are now looking forward to repeating this success across the UK with VideoLogic's new 3D graphics card, Apocalypse 3Dx."

"3D graphics has taken PC gaming to a new level of performance and visual entertainment previously only found in the arcade world," said Kevin Dale, director of sales and marketing for VideoLogic Multimedia Systems. "As the 3D graphics market moves into the mainstream, agreements with leading retailers such as Electronics Boutique will become critical in channelling our Apocalypse products to the home PC user."About Electronics Boutique

Electronics Boutique is the UK's leading specialist retailer of computer software, accessories, and video game systems with corporate offices in Bracknell. EB stores offer over 2,000 different software titles and a wide variety of brand name and private label accessories. Now over 645 stores strong, Electronics Boutique has locations throughout the UK, Ireland, United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia and Korea.