London, UK, 25th February 2008: World leading DAB digital radio manufacturer PURE is the first to have a radio endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust (EST). The PURE Move has been recognised by the EST's Energy Saving Endorsement Scheme and will feature a special Energy Saving 'Recommended' logo on its packaging and promotional material.

The PURE Move, a stylish, palm-sized, DAB digital and FM radio is the first ever radio to be recognised by the scheme, meeting the strict criteria of consuming less than 1W power in standby and 3.5W while active, and also reducing landfill by incorporating rechargeable batteries.

Products endorsed by the scheme have to satisfy an Independent Endorsement Panel of experts, and are measured by their energy efficiency, sustainability (to gauge their overall environmental impact), and whether they are cheaper to run.

Frances Galvanoni, spokesperson for the Energy Saving Trust, said 'The PURE radio is the first DAB digital radio to be accredited to the Energy Saving Recommended scheme. The Energy Saving Recommended logo is a widely recognised benchmark for excellence in energy efficiency and highlights the most energy efficient products in the marketplace. We urge other manufacturers to follow PURE's lead and get their products accredited in order to give consumers more energy efficient options.'

Move is part of PURE's EcoPlus range: a growing series of fifteen products with reduced power consumption, packaging materials from recycled and sustainable sources and components selected to minimise their environmental impact.

About EcoPlus

Products within PURE's EcoPlus range have reduced power consumption both in use and in standby. Both standby and active power consumption are significantly lower than the industry average*.

All EcoPlus product packaging shares a consistent look and feel with a memorable EcoPlus logo and an eye-catching tree motif. They also clearly show in a graphical form, the product's standby and operational power compared to the industry average. EcoPlus products are packaged using cardboard produced with a minimum of 70% recycled material, and finished using water-based varnish. Internal pulp trays are 100% recycled, and the user documentation is printed on 100% recycled paper using soya-based inks. Packaging size has also been optimised to reduce the materials used and minimise the environmental cost of transport.

PURE's Move provides over 40 hours of great-sounding DAB digital radio wherever users go from either its internal speaker or its headphone output (headphones not included). The built-in ChargePAK® battery pack recharges from the mains, providing the easiest possible 'unplug-and-go' solution for the user. ChargePAK rechargeable battery packs, which are available for most PURE battery operated radios, are more cost-effective and convenient and avoid the need for alkaline batteries to be put in landfill sites.

PURE products also conform to the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) standard. PURE supports the WEEE directive to reduce electrical waste.

For more information visit www.pure.com/ecoplus or call 01923 277 488.

Editor's Notes

* source: Engineers at PURE Digital measured the active and standby power consumption of the top ten best-selling portable and clock radios of 2006, and showed their average power consumption alongside the EcoPlus products. An illustration of this can be found on the PURE website at www.pure.com/ecoplus.

About PURE Digital

PURE Digital is the world's leading manufacturer of DAB digital radios, the number one supplier of radios in the UK, and the creator of EVOKE-1S, the world's most popular DAB radio. A UK business using UK technology, PURE Digital offers the widest range of award-winning DAB radios. PURE Digital is a division of Imagination Technologies Group plc. See www.pure.com.


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