Leading DAB digital radio manufacturer PURE Digital is fully committed to DAB despite the announcements made today by GCap Media which it describes as "something totally out of sync with the ongoing trend towards digital – a glitch."

PURE expects that the continued support not only of the leading radio brand, but of industry leaders including Arqiva, the BBC, 4Digital, Frontier Silicon and Imagination Technologies is more in line with true industry trends.

DAB digital radio has seen positive growth in 2007 with 1 million radios sold in Q4 alone, taking the number of sets in UK homes to almost 6.5 million. PURE's radio sales have mirrored this upwards trend during 2007 and maintained its position as number one DAB radio manufacturer while outperforming market growth in volume and value*.

Colin Crawford, director of marketing, PURE says: "The ongoing migration to digital is a macro trend that will continue. PURE continues to focus on the long-term growth and success of DAB digital radio, and while we regret the announcement today, we look upon it as a minor exception to overall industry take-up which will not affect our on-going commitment to development of the digital platform. We see today's announcement from GCap as something totally out of sync with the ongoing trend towards digital – a glitch."

2008 will see the launch of Channel 4's 4Digital multiplex as well as numerous local multiplexes giving the consumers a significant boost in choice. Sporting events such as Euro 2008 will also stimulate sales of radios as more listeners turn to DAB as the ultimate way to keep up to date with results and match commentary.

Crawford continues: "There is a continued and sustained demand and enthusiasm for DAB that we see and hear from both retailers and consumers on a daily basis. Today's announcement has nothing to do with the long-term health of DAB digital radio; it is the result of an individual radio group's reaction to its adverse business conditions and we fully expect 2008 to be a positive year for DAB. PURE is also looking to the future and working on exciting new products and developments that will start to take DAB forward significantly and show the real power that the digital age for radio will bring."

There is also an increase in new platforms for listening to DAB, including in-car DAB adaptors and iPod docks with DAB which are opening the door to new listeners.

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Editor's Notes * source: GFK

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