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PURE Digital – a division of Imagination Technologies (LSE:IMG) – presents TEMPUS-1XT, a bedside DAB digital radio with sophisticated style and features. TEMPUS-1XT takes the award winning formula of its predecessor, TEMPUS-1, and adds a host of new features as well as improved audio quality, smoother lines, a choice of cherry or maple finish, and the latest alarm clock functions, making it the most flexible bedside radio on the market.

TEMPUS-1XT includes all the features which have made TEMPUS-1 the choice for night-time radio listeners, including: multiple sophisticated but easy to operate alarms; touch-sensitive SnoozeHandle® technology; backlit night time clock display; and timed record function for use with MiniDisc or cassette recorder. TEMPUS-1XT adds a host of new features too - many requested directly by TEMPUS-1 users, who will be able to access the new features via PURE's unique USB upgradeability.

Up to three flexible alarms can now be set for Weekdays only, Saturday, Sunday or Weekends. The alarm volume can now be set independently of main radio volume and full control of alarms and timers can be now accessed from standby. The sleep timer fades gently to silence to avoid jolting the listener back from sleep.

TEMPUS-1XT has a SSP of just £99.99 (inc. VAT).

TEMPUS-1XT's combined sleep timer and programmable alarm enable users to fall asleep listening to one station and wake up to a different station (or a simple alarm tone if preferred). TEMPUS-1XT users can even set a second or third alarm for someone else with its own time and radio station, or a different alarm for weekdays or weekends, or a back-up tone alarm to come on some time after the radio starts – the flexibility is astonishing.

Innovative SnoozeHandle technology means that when the alarm goes off a simple touch on TEMPUS-1XT's handle sets the alarm to snooze or, at other times, illuminates the full-screen clock for easy night-time viewing. The clear display offers selectable brightness settings and an automatically updated clock, which means owners will never again miss the British Summer Time clock movement. An easily accessible sleep button makes the radio go off automatically after a selectable period of time, with the volume gently fading out.

Says Kevin Dale, General Manager, PURE Digital: "We're pleased to extend the improved looks, finishes and audio quality of our EVOKE-1XT and EVOKE-2XT to TEMPUS-1, making a hugely successful product even more desirable, and I'm delighted that existing TEMPUS-1 users will be able to get access to the great new features via USB upgradeability."

TEMPUS-1XT Improvements In Full:
  • Up to three alarms
  • Alarms can be set for Weekdays only, weekends only, Saturday or Sunday
  • Volume fades out slowly when the sleep timer operates
  • Alarm volume can be set independently of the main radio
  • Alarms and timers can be accessed from standby
  • Snooze time can be set for up to 59 minutes
  • Pressing the 'Sleep' button in standby turns on the radio
  • Backlight can turn off after a timeout
  • Alarm time is shown next to the alarm icon while in standby
  • Alarm bell icon is hollow if not scheduled to go off in the next 24 hours
  • A SnoozeHandle tap shows the clock or station depending on context
  • Remaining sleep time is displayed on the screen
  • Day/Date information screen also shows the time

Featuring digital optical and analogue outputs for connection to a hi-fi as a DAB tuner, TEMPUS-1XT also has multiple record timers, enabling users to record favourite programmes to a separate recording device such as MiniDisc or CD-R recorder1.

A USB connector enables users to download software upgrades from an Internet connected PC, enabling TEMPUS-1XT to support future updates to the DAB service.

TEMPUS-1XT is covered by a 2-year warranty. See www.puredigital.com for stockists or call 01923 277 488.

Editors' Notes
TEMPUS-1XT is powered by the Frontier Chorus FS1010, which incorporates the revolutionary META multi-threaded processor and DAB technologies developed by Imagination Technologies' Metagence and Ensigma divisions.

1For timed recording users need a recorder with an optical input that supports sync-record, such as a MiniDisc or CD-R recorder, or a recorder with a timer of its own.

About PURE Digital
PURE Digital is the leading manufacturer of DAB digital radios and the creator of EVOKE-1XT, the world's most popular DAB radio. A UK company using UK technology, PURE Digital offers the widest range of award-winning DAB radios. See www.pure.com.

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