PURE Digital Legato DAB/FM/CD Micro System

London, UK: PURE Digital – a division of Imagination Technologies (LSE:IMG) – announces that the Legato micro hi-fi system with DAB digital radio is now available in two variants. For users looking for a complete solution to their hi-fi listening requirements Legato is available with stylish and deceptively powerful speakers. For users who already have a preferred speaker system, Legato is also available as a stand alone base unit.

Legato breaks new ground in performance and integration with crystal-clear DAB digital radio, as well as great FM, CD and MP3-playback, high-power audio output and ReVu™, which enables Pause and Rewind of DAB broadcasts. SSP is £349.99 inc. VAT with speakers2 and £279.99 without.

"The self-made master of digital radio is at it again: the Legato mini system combines the best of '70's retro styling with DAB tech," said Stuff magazine (Feb 2005). "The Legato is an infectious mix of retro and modern, with a high-quality CD player that also plays MP3 discs, a classy DAB/FM radio tuner and a crisp stereo amp... The sound is remarkably smooth and sophisticated for a micro, with real refinement that belies its bargain price," said The Sunday Times (21 Jan 2005).

Using Legato

Elegantly constructed with compact sculptured casework, finished in real cherry-wood veneer with a brushed aluminium fascia, Legato features a large graphical display. Context-sensitive buttons provide an easy-to-use interface with intuitive access to Legato's comprehensive range of advanced functions. The cool-blue display also has multiple clock modes and can show the scrolling-text information broadcast alongside DAB audio.

ReVu™ enables the pausing of live DAB radio, and listeners can even rewind radio to review a favourite moment. Users can take a break from the radio and come back to the same place, or go back to something they missed – all at the touch of a button.

Legato's DAB and FM performance is derived from the award winning PURE DRX-702ES. There is space for 99 DAB and 99 FM presets and the FM function stores RDS station names to allow DAB-like tuning, bringing FM usability up to date.

A timer combined with optical output allows users to record favourite radio programs to minidisk or CD-R (external) for later listening. Legato features CD-R and CD-RW compatibility for MP3 and audio discs with support for CD Text, MP3 ID3 tags and 99-track play-lists (M3U).

Legato's dedicated audio processor, power supply and amplifiers have all been optimised over hundreds of hours of listening by PURE engineers to deliver clear smooth sound. Legato features PURE's DPAC II™ technology for a more natural sound from DAB digital radio as well as bass and treble tone controls to adjust all of Legato's audio playback. Aux input lets users connect other devices and take advantage of Legato's great sound.

For users who choose a system with speakers Legato delivers 22W RMS per channel from speakers with twin, custom-designed, full-range 3" driver units with phase correction plugs and high-power neodymium magnets. The driver units sit in ultra-compact cabinets that have been reflex ported for improved bass response.

What's DAB?

DAB digital radio provides high quality, interference-free digital audio without hiss, crackle and fade. One touch autotune locates all available DAB stations and users then select stations by name and list them alphabetically or by most listened to. Scrolling text shows additional data such as song titles, artists' names, programme descriptions, news headlines and more.

Up to twice as many stations are available on DAB in many areas as via FM. UK stations broadcast digitally include national BBC Radios 1-4, BBC Radio 5 Live, Classic FM, talkSPORT and Virgin Radio, plus many local and unique-to-digital stations.

In Depth

Legato's DAB output boasts optimised DPAC-II technology (Digital Psycho-Acoustic Compensation-II). Developed by PURE Digital, DPAC-II produces a significantly more natural sound than other digital radio tuners

Legato's record timer lets users record favourite radio shows to a separate recording device. They can set regular daily, weekday-only or weekend-only record times to never miss a favourite programme, or set 'one-off' record times. For timed recording users need a recorder with an optical input that supports sync-record, such as a MiniDisc or CD-R recorder.

Auxiliary input allows connection of alternative line-level devices (e.g. MiniDisc). Optical output is available for connection to a digital amplifier or recorder. Line level output enables connection to an analogue amplifier or recorder. A headphone socket features on Legato's front panel for easy access. A USB connector enables download of software upgrades from an internet-connected PC, enabling Legato to support future firmware updates.