PURE Digital SONUS-1XT DAB Radio Alarm with Voice Feedback

London, UK: PURE Digital – a division of Imagination Technologies (LSE:IMG) – presents the PURE SONUS-1XT DAB digital radio, the enhanced alarm radio with unique iVOX voice feedback technology.

Alongside iVOX, SONUS-1XT also features PURE's enhanced touch-sensitive SnoozeHandle™, two independent alarms, Volume Equalisation Technology (VET™) and outstanding 'XT' audio quality via a custom designed speaker and active filters.

PURE will be launching SONUS-1XT exclusively at the Bristol Sound and Vision Show 2005. The show runs from February 25-27 at the Bristol City Marriott.

Inside iVOX™
Using iVOX technology SONUS-1XT tells listeners the available DAB stations as they scroll through them, the time, alarm settings, and even talks through all aspects of setting up the radio. It can even talk users through setting alarms or presets. iVOX speaks with a real human voice, not robotic synthesized speech, and is highly configurable with an option of male or female voice. iVOX users simply turn off what speech they don't need using the easy-to-change iVOX settings.

SONUS-1XT incorporates PURE's enhanced SnoozeHandle technology. A single tap on the SnoozeHandle and SONUS-1XT will tell users the time. To check alarm settings users simply tap the SnoozeHandle twice to have them spoken. A simple touch of the handle will snooze the alarm, which will then resume in eight minutes. For those late night time-checks touching the SnoozeHandle will also light up a full-screen clock.

Says Kevin Dale, general manager, PURE Digital: "SONUS-1XT builds on the success of our DAB digital radio alarm system with iVOX, a natural speech technology that adds a new dimension to radio listening. The combination of iVOX and our SnoozeHandle technology takes DAB digital radio to the next level in interaction."

Volume Equalisation Technology (VET) means that your SONUS-1XT constantly monitors the audio levels of every station and subtly adjusts their relative volume levels over time. So once you've found the volume setting you like you can switch between stations without changing the volume

SONUS-1XT in detail
SONUS-1XT has all the features of PURE's award-winning digital alarm radios, including: multiple sophisticated but easy to operate alarms; touch-sensitive SnoozeHandle technology; backlit night time clock display; a nine-event timed record function for use with MiniDisc or other recording device; a USB connector to keep your SONUS-1XT up to date by downloading software upgrades from an internet-connected PC. An automatically updated clock means owners will never again miss the British Summer Time clock movement. An easily accessible sleep button makes the radio go off automatically after a selectable period of time.

The mains powered SONUS-1XT features ten station presets, a high performance speaker, a headphone socket and stereo line-out for recording.

The SONUS-1XT is a stand-alone DAB radio. Its gently contoured maple wood casework surrounds a pearlescent white front with silver grille and control panel with scrolling cool-blue LCD text display, station selection and volume knobs and button controls for iVOX, presets, display-settings and power.

SONUS-1XT has an integrated full range hi-fi speaker and features a bass reflex port for enhanced bass performance. Audio quality is based on the award winning EVOKE-1XT with a new custom designed 3" drive unit and active-filters to provide a natural 'direct-from-the-studio' sound. SONUS-1XT can be upgraded to stereo with the optional XT-1 add-on matching speaker.

The radio also features all the great benefits of DAB digital radio, including: station select by name; scrolling display which shows track info, news and sports results; and more station choice.

SONUS-1XT is expected to be available on the high street at around £119.99 (inc. VAT). See www.pure.com for stockists or call 01923 277 488.

SONUS-1XT is a mains powered portable DAB digital radio and is supplied with a 230V AC to 9V DC mains power adaptor and removable telescopic aerial. The product is covered by a 2-year warranty.

Editors' Notes
The Frontier Chorus FS1010, which incorporates the revolutionary META multi-threaded processor and DAB technologies developed by Imagination Technologies' Metagence and Ensigma divisions, powers SONUS-1XT.