PURE Digital Introduces iVOX™ Voice Feedback Technology for DAB Radio

London, UK: PURE Digital – a division of Imagination Technologies (LSE:IMG) – has debuted the next level of DAB digital radio interactivity with its unique iVOX voice feedback technology.

Using iVOX technology DAB digital radios can tells listeners station names, the time, and alarm settings. It can even talk users through setting alarms or presets. iVOX speaks with a real human voice, not robotic synthesized speech, and is highly configurable with an option of male or female voice. iVOX users simply turn off what speech they don't need using the easy-to-change iVOX settings.

iVOX features in PURE's SONUS-1XT which debuts exclusively at the Bristol Sound and Vision Show 2005. The show runs from February 25-27 at the Bristol City Marriott.

Says Kevin Dale, general manager, PURE Digital: "iVOX adds an extra dimension to the way we interact with DAB radios. As well as a being a terrific benefit for the sleepy alarm-user who doesn't want to raise their head, or find their glasses, iVOX is of enormous use to partially sighted or blind radio listeners. iVOX's multiple levels of configuration mean that each user can have precisely the amount of iVOX of most use to them."

For example, at a low iVOX setting on SONUS-1XT a single tap on the patented SnoozeHandle™ and SONUS-1XT will tell users the time. To check alarm settings users simply tap the SnoozeHandle twice to have them spoken. At higher levels iVOX will name the available DAB stations as listeners scroll through them, and even talk through all aspects of setting up the radio. For retailers iVOX enables SONUS-1XT's demo mode – which introduces shoppers to the benefits of the product. SONUS-1XT is expected to be available on the high street at around £119.99 (inc. VAT). See www.pure.com for stockists or call 01923 277 488.