PURE Digital Launches DRX-702ES Hi-Fi Radio Tuner

LONDON, UK: PURE Digital – a division of Imagination Technologies – has launched its PURE DRX-702ES DAB digital radio tuner. The completely new design of the advanced DRX-702ES hi-fi tuner builds on the huge success of the DRX-701ES, which was given annual awards by What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision, Hi-Fi Choice and Hi-Fi News.

The PURE DRX-702ES features the latest DAB processor from Frontier Silicon and a high-quality analogue radio tuner as well as multi-language support and dual-band reception for use throughout Europe. DRX-702ES, the world's first affordable DAB and analogue tuner, will be on sale in March 2003, priced at £329.99 inc. VAT.

The feature-rich DRX-702ES radio tuner includes: DAB/FM/AM reception; USB connectivity for easy software upgrades and future DAB data access; configurable DAB station ordering (alphabetically, by multiplex, or by favourite / most played); 99 DAB presets; 99 FM presets; 99 AM presets; high-sensitivity RF tuner module; low-noise toroidal transformer power supply; fast auto-tune and service selection; RDS support; signal strength meter with diagnostics for easy aerial set-up; and optimised PAC-II™ technology which results in a significantly more natural sound than other DAB digital radio tuners.

As well as crystal-clear reception and high-detail digital-quality sound, DRX-702ES can provide additional DAB broadcast information including station identification, track listings, traffic and news data or other text (dependent on transmission content provided by the broadcasting station), which is displayed on the DRX-702ES' integral LCD screen. The DRX-702ES can be used with any standard hi-fi amplifier.

DRX-702ES provides a superb analogue radio solution alongside the award-winning quality of the best DAB digital tuner. Its highly sensitive analogue reception and audio quality are better than many standalone analogue hi-fi radio tuners. In addition the DRX-702ES brings much of the usability of DAB to analogue radio by enabling auto-tune and selection by station name, and naming of AM and non-RDS stations.

PURE Digital is the leading supplier of DAB radios in the world. Its product range includes the DRX-701ES DAB tuner, winner of What Hi-Fi Sound & Visions' Tuner Product Of The Year 2002 and annual awards from Hi-Fi Choice, Hi-Fi News and Boys Toys, EVOKE-1, the first DAB radio under £100, and the premium portable DAB radio, the PURE DRX-601EX. Other new products include the EVOKE-2 DAB/FM radio and the EVOKE-1 Elgar Special Edition portable DAB radio.

DRX-702ES is attractive in any setting, featuring a stylish precision-machined aluminium front panel in either a black or silver anodised finish, along with matching black or silver finish casework, controls and remote control, cool blue LED indicators and an easy to read blue/white display.

Says Kevin Dale, president, PURE Digital: "Our DRX family are the world's best selling and highest award winning DAB products. The DRX-702ES provides not only the benefits of our industry leading DAB expertise, but also outstanding analogue radio features for maximum station choice, all in an elegant design that looks great with any system."

To further enhance the performance and functionality of this class-leading product the DRX-702ES is also available with optional balanced outputs, featuring high-performance balanced line driver circuitry and metal shielded Neutrik XLR connectors with hard gold-plated output pins, for connection to pro-audio systems, studio equipment or high end hi-fi systems. The balanced output version of the DRX-702ES will be available for just £399 inc. VAT, or balanced outputs can be fitted to a standard DRX-702ES for just £100 (return to base fitting required).

Inside DRX-702ES

The PURE DRX-702ES features Frontier Silicon's Chorus™ FS1010 highly integrated, third-generation DAB chip. The Chorus processor is a single-chip DAB/audio processor, based on the META™ processor design and Ensigma DAB IP licensed from Imagination Technologies, and enables PURE Digital to create a high-performance, feature-rich and cost-effective DAB tuner.

The PURE DRX-702ES' DAB output includes ultra high performance 24-bit / 192 kHz delta sigma digital to analogue converters and built-in 4x up-sampling with data interpolation – a feature which is usually only found on expensive, stand-alone DAC solutions. Other features in the DRX-702ES include: optical and co-axial DAB digital outputs; digital volume control; standby power mode; time/date display; seven levels of display brightness (including display 'off'); headphone output; redesigned full size remote control; three levels of Dynamic Range Control for DAB broadcasts; and automatic and manual tuning.

The DRX-702ES also features a high specification AM/FM tuner, comparable to stand-alone hi-fi analogue radio solutions, with superior THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) and tuner sensitivity. The DRX-702ES' analogue tuner features a one touch, fast RDS auto-tune to filter out weak, duplicated stations. Stations can be alphabetically stored using RDS text, which enables tuning by name - no need to remember frequencies. A PTY (Programme Type) feature offers generic information about station content while the RadioTEXT feature provides more specific information about the presenter, station or programme. 99 AM and 99 FM presets are available, as well as the 99 DAB presets.

DRX-702ES has a low noise power supply with toroidal transformer, fast auto-tune and service selection. DRX-702ES includes a full suite of input and output features for maximum connectivity including: S/PDIF digital output via Toslink for direct digital recording of DAB to MiniDisc or DAT; phono connectors for output and recording of DAB or analogue radio; aerial connections for DAB, AM and FM (aerials supplied); phono loop-through input; and a RDI (Receiver Data Interface) optical port. USB connection is provided both for data access and to enable users to upgrade the tuner software themselves by downloading firmware update files which will be made available on the PURE Digital website.

DRX-702ES has multi-language support for English, French, German, Spanish, Danish and Swedish as well as dual-band reception (Band III / L-band) to ensure ease of use throughout Europe and world-wide territories.

The DRX-702ES is provided with a two-year manufacturer's warranty.