PURE™ Digital Radio Launch Offer from London's Newest Radio Station

VideoLogic Systems - a division of Imagination Technologies - announces that the world's most stylish, and smallest, hi-fi component mini DAB digital radio tuner, the PURE DRX-601ESM is to be available at a special price in support of the launch of Purple Radio.

Purple Radio, the UK's first and only terrestrial lesbian and gay radio station is making available a limited number of the DRX-601ESM from VideoLogic, makers of award winning PURE and VideoLogic DAB radios. The DRX-601ESM, which usually retails for £349.99, goes on sale from Purple Radio on Valentine's Day, 2002 at £239.00 for a limited two-month period.

The DRX-601ESM features a stylish silver anodised aluminium front panel as well as cool blue LED indicators and an easy to read blue/white display. The DRX-601ESM has all the performance and features of What Hi-Fi's tuner Product Of The Year, the VideoLogic DRX-601ES, including a discrete remote control and PAC™ Technology for a more natural sound.

"It's taken a bit of time but DAB is about to take off," says Purple Radio's founder Twysden Moore. "We feel it's needed the launch of great new content and stylish, low-cost digital radios to fire up the imagination of the listener. Now that London has fifty digital radio stations including the capital's first gay station, there really is a motive to make the switch to digital."

"We believe the early adopters and style leaders on the gay scene, who can't get our radio station through traditional platforms will be among the first community of interest to pick up on the benefits of DAB," says Purple Radio's Head of Programming Peter Flynn "This cheeky little new product is ideal for our market and could very well be the kick start the industry's been waiting for!"

"For new entertainment technology to hit mass market status two factors are essential. The first is getting the technology to a price consumers are willing to pay; the second is the provision of quality content. Through the last year VideoLogic has made significant progress with consumer price points for DAB and we're delighted to support the launch of new quality DAB content, like Purple Radio," says Kevin Dale, President, VideoLogic.Editors Notes The DRX-601ESM from Purple Radio will only be available at £239.00 between 14 February-11 April 2002, and can only be bought online via www.purpleradio.net