VideoLogic Premieres DigiTheatre DTS Home Cinema Speaker System at CeBit 2000

VideoLogic Systems - a division of Imagination Technologies - has announced the launch of its DigiTheatre DTS digital home cinema audio system. DigiTheatre DTS provides outstanding hi-fi quality audio for Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS (Digital Theater System) movies on DVD for just £399.99 (inc. VAT UK) / DM 1299. DigiTheatre DTS can be seen and heard at CeBIT 2000 in Hannover from 24th February - 1st March on the Imagination Technologies stand (Hall 9, A78).

DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 are technologies developed for use in cinemas that now enable DVD discs to create a stunning, immersive audio experience in the home. Powerful and easy to install, DigiTheatre DTS turns a DTS or Dolby Digital compatible DVD player into a complete home cinema system, transforming movies with a digital soundtrack into a truly compelling home cinema experience.

Built using high-end hi-fi components, with six dedicated speakers including a powerful subwoofer and integrated multi-channel amplifier, DigiTheatre DTS is the complete surround sound system for both DTS and Dolby Digital movies. Its hi-fi quality speakers provide a spacious sound stage, capturing every detail of the movie soundtrack with fast, precise positioning of effects and thunderous bass.

Styled in black, and complete with remote control, DigiTheatre DTS is ideally suited for use with stand-alone DVD players in the living room and can also be used with DVD-capable PCs with S/PDIF Dolby Digital or DTS output.

DigiTheatre DTS is the latest product in VideoLogic's home cinema range, which also includes the DigiTheatre (5.1 Dolby Digital speaker system) and DigiTheatre Decoder. The original DigiTheatre has made a considerable impact in the DVD market by offering comprehensive features at a price point previously unheard of for such high quality digital audio decoding.

The original DigiTheatre has already won eight awards including DVD Review Best For Value, What Video & TV Best Buy, Computer Buyer Recommended and DVD Buyer Best For Value and is an excellent choice for entry level Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic home cinema at an RRP of just £249.99 (UK inc VAT).About DigiTheatre DTS Speaker

DigiTheatre DTS features an advanced, high-performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor) to provide full decode for Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks. DigiTheatre DTS also decodes the new-format DTS Audio CD¹ as well as providing spacious surround sound for standard stereo music with the choice of 'Hall' or 'Theatre' surround/effects modes.

DigiTheatre DTS also provides legacy support for earlier surround sound standards. It produces Dolby Pro Logic sound from Pro Logic-encoded material played on a stereo VCR or TV and spacious stereo surround, with a choice of effects modes, from any standard stereo input.

DigiTheatre DTS consists of a dedicated centre speaker with control panel, four satellite speakers and a subwoofer with integrated audio decoder and six channel amplifier which delivers a massive 220W RMS. The centre speaker's integrated control panel and DigiTheatre DTS' hi-fi style remote control provide total control of all system functions.

The centre speaker contains a four inch full-range bass/mid drive unit, with coaxial mounted tweeter, for clear, powerful dialog. Each of the four satellite speakers, as used in our award-winning Sirocco Crossfire speaker system, contain twin Audax drive units housed in an ultra compact polymer-loaded cabinet and are pre-configured for wall-mounting. The subwoofer has a massive eight inch long-throw bass drive unit for gut-wrenching low frequency effects.

Optical and coaxial digital (S/PDIF) inputs enable you to connect to any DVD player or DVD-capable PC (with a digital output) for Dolby Digital or DTS surround sound, or to CD / MiniDisc for stereo surround sound.

With its integrated amplifier and decoder DigiTheatre DTS is easy to connect and easy to use. The system control panel is integrated into the centre speaker system, and all system functions are accessible directly from the control panel or by remote control.

DigiTheatre DTS is supplied with a two-year warranty with a full technical support service including a telephone help-line and web based technical support.

About DTS Technology

Steven Spielberg's blockbuster Jurassic Park introduced the crisp, clear sound of DTS (Digital Theater System), changing forever the way we can experience sound in a movie theatre. Groundbreaking in its flexibility and total sonic realism, DTS has rapidly become the digital sound format preferred by audiences, filmmakers and exhibitors alike on cinema screens worldwide.

An amazing technology for surround sound entertainment, DTS Digital Surround is an encode/decode system that delivers six channels (5.1) of master-quality, 20-bit audio. In the encoding process, the DTS algorithm encrypts six channels of 20-bit digital audio information in the space previously allotted for only two channels of 16-bit linear PCM. During playback, the DTS decoder reconstructs the original six channels of 20-bit digital audio, each of which is audibly superior to the 16-bit linear PCM audio found on conventional compact discs.

The DTS commitment is to deliver an uncompromised reproduction of the original multi-track masters. For DTS playback from DVD a DVD player that is DTS-ready is required. A DTS ready player can be identified by a 'DTS Digital Out' logo on the front of the face panel. DTS output is also enabled by VideoLogic's DVD Player add-in card for PCs.

DTS Audio CD's bring Digital Surround technology to music recordings, creating the opportunity to experience a truly state-of-the-art multi-channel mix of any multi-channel master. The result is a new level of sonic realism that dramatically transcends all previous stereo versions, changing forever the way we can experience recorded music.

Editor's Note

¹ DTS-encoded compact discs play on any 5.1 discrete surround system that utilizes a DTS decoder and a compact disc player or DVD player with a digital output.