VideoLogic Appoints Comtrade as French Distributor

VideoLogic Systems - a division of Imagination Technologies - has appointed ComTrade as its distributor in France. ComTrade, a leading French distributor of PC, audio and speaker products, will distribute all of VideoLogic's range to the OEM, PC dealer and retail channels. VideoLogic's award winning product range includes the DigiTheatre 5.1 home cinema surround system and the Sirocco range of speakers, including Sirocco Spirit, Sirocco, Sirocco Crossfire (4.1) and Sirocco Pro as well as the Neon 250 graphics card, based on the PowerVR 250 processor from NEC, and the SonicVortex2 3D-sound card.

Says Stefan Riesser, general manager, ComTrade: "VideoLogic has a strong range of computer and home entertainment products that have already taken numerous awards worldwide. We are delighted to bring these great products to France."

Says David Harold, PR manager, VideoLogic Systems: "ComTrade has proven itself a powerful force in France and is the ideal partner for VideoLogic's entry into this important French market. We will be supporting this new initiative with a significant PR campaign designed to bring awareness of the VideoLogic brand to a wide audience in France."

VideoLogic's products will be localized into the French language, beginning with DigiTheatre, Sirocco Spirit, Sirocco Crossfire and DVD Player, all of which will be shipping in February 2000.

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