VideoLogic Announces Sirocco Speaker Systems For Germany

VideoLogic Systems - a division of Imagination Technologies - has today announced that its award-winning Sirocco family of speaker products is now available in Germany from VideoLogic's network of dealers and resellers. VideoLogic's original Sirocco product was previously available in Germany as the TerraTec SubSession speaker system. The full VideoLogic range can now be seen at CeBIT 2000 in Hannover from 24th February - 1st March on the Imagination Technologies stand (Hall 9, A78).

The products in the Sirocco range include:

  • Sirocco, a fully active studio-quality system for games and music
  • Sirocco Crossfire, a 4.1 surround sound system for gamers
  • Sirocco Spirit, a high performance desktop mini-monitor set-up
  • Sirocco Pro, a professional active monitor system for home musicians and studios.
From desktop speakers to pro-audio monitoring VideoLogic's Sirocco range provides remarkable studio quality sound. The range manages to achieve high performance at remarkable price points by taking components from the hi-fi industry and applying VideoLogic's design skills and low-cost manufacturing techniques. Sirocco speakers have created a paradigm shift in computer audio winning accolades from numerous magazines - including the prestigious PC Magazine UK Technical Innovation Award for Best Multimedia Product 1998 and a Millennium Product award from the Design Council in the UK.

The components and techniques used in the manufacture of all the Sirocco product family are those used in hi-fi and pro audio equipment. Within the same categories, no other speaker systems come close to the Sirocco family's hi-fi quality sound.SIROCCO - Studio Quality Speaker System - DM 799

The revolutionary Sirocco design from VideoLogic brings amazing high-end, hi-fi quality sound to the PC. With two satellite speakers, each with bass/midrange and separate tweeter, plus a sub-woofer, active filters and power amps, Sirocco's 'near field monitor' performance and form factor are designed with the PC user in mind. Sirocco is a fully active design, with a massive 100W RMS of output power available, and is the premier speaker system for gaming, presentations and computer based music (including MP3 and home studios).

"VideoLogic's Sirocco loudspeaker system has caused a storm in computer audio circles… A truly exceptional product," said HiFi World magazine (UK) in its November 1999 issue.

SIROCCO SPIRIT - High-performance Active Speakers - DM 459

Featuring two desktop speakers with an integrated amplifier and Dynamic Virtual Sub TechnologyTM, the Sirocco Spirit design brings amazing high-end, hi-fi quality sound to the PC at a great price point. Sirocco Spirit embodies the essence of the Sirocco range's audio quality and high production standards in a discrete desktop stereo speaker system that exceeds the audio quality of most bulky sub/speaker combinations and is ideal for home studio mixing, multimedia PCs and users with limited space.

PC Pro (UK) gave Sirocco Spirit its Recommended Award in the Feb '00 issue, saying: "The Spirits are awesome stereo speakers-once you've listened to the Spirits you'll never want to part company.''

SIROCCO CROSSFIRE - The Ultimate 3D Speaker System - DM 799

Sirocco Crossfire provides stunning 3D positional sound for games, or 3D music programs like Future Beat 3D, and is the ideal complement to any four-channel soundcard, including VideoLogic's SonicVortex2. Sirocco Crossfire is a 4.1 speaker set comprising an amplifier, subwoofer and four satellite speakers. For true HRTF 3D positional audio and high-quality music Sirocco Crossfire was the first high-quality 4.1 system and is as yet unrivalled.

Giving Sirocco Crossfire an award and 95% score in the Mar '00 issue PC Gamer (UK) said: " terms of design and power the VideoLogic system is streets ahead... The best looking system we've seen and it's got heart and brains to match."

SIROCCO PRO - Professional Active Monitor System - DM 1899

The cutting-edge Sirocco Pro design from VideoLogic brings real studio performance to PC-based musicians and home studios at a ground breaking price point. The fully active Sirocco Pro includes two satellites, a subwoofer and amplifier and provides an outstanding specification with sub override (for true stereo monitoring), active filtering, attitude control and a 24 bit 96 kHz DAC (digital to analog converter). Designed and built to exacting professional standards, Sirocco Pro out-performs and out-features studio monitoring systems costing many times its price.

Computer Music (UK) in it's Feb '00 issue gave Sirocco Pro a score of 9/10 and said: ''...the difference in quality will simply blow you away...if you're in this game with aspirations to own only the best, then the Pro is everything you've been looking for...''

Editor's Note

Separate press releases have been issued for each product with further detail. See