Compaq UK and VideoLogic Launch Apocalypse 3D Upgrade Offer for New MMX Based Presario PCs (UK)

Compaq Computer Limited and desktop multimedia company, VideoLogic, have today announced a special 3D games upgrade offer for the Presario PC range in the UK. Customers of all new Presario PC models, including lines with Pentium processors using MMX technology, will be offered an upgrade to the award winning Apocalypse 3D accelerator card for £155.00 (inc. VAT and delivery) from VideoLogic - a special Presario discount of 30%.

The PowerVR based, Apocalypse 3D games pack includes a high end 3D accelerator card, special 3D games demos and two special 3D games - Ultim@te Race and Mech Warrior 2. Arcade 3D upgrade vouchers will be found in the Presario 4180, 4760 and 8770 models. The upgrade is obtained directly from VideoLogic.

"The Apocalypse 3D accelerator card is set to revolutionise PC gaming forever and we are really pleased to be able to offer the gamers among our new Presario PC customers a taste of the ultimate in 3D gaming," said Lisa Clark, senior product marketing manager for consumer products at Compaq UK.

Based on the revolutionary PowerVR 3D technology from NEC and VideoLogic, Apocalypse 3D brings true arcade-level 3D gaming to the PC platform for the first time. The Apocalypse 3D card is a single slot half length PCI card for Pentium based Windows 95 PCs and is supplied with 4MB of high performance SDRAM texture memory on board. The Apocalypse 3D pack includes an NEC PCX1-based accelerator card, PowerSGL drivers, Microsoft DirectX drivers and two special PowerVR games - ULTIM@TE RACE from Kalisto Entertainment and MechWarrior2 from Activision.About Compaq

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