VideoLogic DigiTheatre and DigiTheatre DTS; Ultimate Speaker Systems for Sony PlayStation2

VideoLogic Systems - a division of Imagination Technologies - has today announced its DigiTheatre and DigiTheatre DTS 5.1 home cinema speaker systems are available for Sony's PlayStation2. Now PS2 owners can enjoy the full DVD experience with complete cinema surround systems that includes six speakers and the latest audio decoder technology.

Says Kevin Dale, president, VideoLogic: "The form factor and design of our DigiTheatre range is the perfect complement to the PlayStation2's DVD capabilities. Now PlayStation2 owners can discover why the DigiTheatre range has been so popular with PC and DVD owners."

For just £249.99 (inc. VAT) DigiTheatre is a complete home cinema sound system including six speakers, an integrated amplifier, a Dolby Digital decoder unit and a remote control. It provides perfect cinema-style surround sound using the Dolby Digital 5.1 audio tracks found on the majority of DVD discs and connects to PS2 with one simple optical cable. DigiTheatre is available now from major retailers, including Tempo, Comet, Dixons, Currys, Miller Brothers and John Lewis.

The higher performance DigiTheatre DTS version is built using high end hi-fi components comprising integrated DSP electronics, a high power multi-channel amplifier, six dedicated speakers including a centre speaker with integral controls, front and rear satellites manufactured in non-resonant mica loaded polymer containing Audax woofers and polymer dome tweeters and a sub-woofer with 8" long-throw driver. It is the complete surround sound system for both DTS and Dolby Digital movies. Its hi-fi quality speakers provide a spacious sound stage, capturing every detail of the movie soundtrack with fast, precise positioning of effects and thunderous bass, yet the system costs just £399.99 (inc. VAT). DigiTheatre DTS is available now from major retailers, including Comet, Miller Brothers, Courts and John Lewis.

The DigiTheatre range has made a considerable impact in the DVD market by offering comprehensive features at price points previously unheard of for such high quality digital audio decoding. DigiTheatre DTS has already taken eighteen awards including DVD Buyer Best For Value, DVD Review Editor's Choice, DVD Times Seal of Approval, What Video & TV Best Buy as well as a 5/5 score from Home Entertainment.

DigiTheatre has so far won over a dozen awards including DVD Review Best For Value, What Video & TV Best Buy, Computer Buyer Recommended and DVD Buyer Best For Value.

Details of how to buy both DigiTheatre and DigiTheatre DTS can be found on-line at Each system is supplied with a two-year warranty and free, lifetime technical support.