VideoLogic Launches HomeC@m Connect

VideoLogic Systems - a division of Imagination Technologies - has today announced the HomeC@m Connect high-resolution video and still image camera pack for PCs and notebooks. HomeC@m Connect allows users to videoconference with family, friends and colleagues anywhere in the world for the price of their Internet connections (normally a local phone call.)

HomeC@m Connect includes two of VideoLogic's award-winning HomeC@m USB cameras in a single pack designed to fully enable two PCs for video-email and videophone applications. HomeC@m Connect is available now for a RRP of just £99.99 inc. VAT exclusively from the VideoLogic web-store at This is a saving of £40 on the separate selling price of two HomeC@m cameras (£69.99 inc. VAT each.) VideoLogic guarantees that orders placed by December 20th will arrive in time for Christmas.*

Kevin Dale, president, VideoLogic Systems says: "HomeC@m Connect is designed for sharing - you keep one camera and give the other to a colleague, friend or loved-one. It's ideal for keeping families in touch over the holiday season but is a great, practical gift for all-year round. Now video communication is easy and fun across the Internet with HomeC@m Connect."

HomeC@m Connect includes two USB web-cameras equipped with the latest 640x480 high-resolution sensors for excellent, high-quality, low-cost solution for Internet videoconferencing and video e-mail¹. Two identical, complete software sets are included with all the software needed to begin communicating using video over the Internet. HomeC@m Connect users can also capture still images for email attachments and web-pages or create and edit their own movies which can be shared over the Internet.

Because it is based on the 'plug and play' USB interface, HomeC@m Connect's USB cameras are simply installed without opening the PC case - they just plug into the USB port at the rear of the PC or into a USB hub. The comprehensive suite of software applications is easy and intuitive to use, even for a casual PC user. Software is included for Internet videoconferencing, video e-mail, video postcards, still and movie content creation for web-pages, webcams² and even home security.

The USB interface and HomeC@m's extensive software compatibility ensure superb images, even on a low-bandwidth Internet connection. HomeC@m Connect links to other videoconferencing systems to allow visual communication with other personal computers or even boardroom videoconferencing systems. The HomeC@m camera can also be used to send images one-way to users without a camera.

HomeC@m Connect is ideal for portable/notebook PCs, with very low power consumption through the USB connector and a special notebook-mounting clip, which is also supplied.About the Camera

HomeC@m provides excellent capture performance and image quality. Features include manually adjustable focus, snapshot button for still image capture, automatic exposure and white balance control, software control panel for contrast, saturation, hue and gamma adjustment.

HomeC@m's high-resolution 350K pixel CCD sensor and the latest highly-integrated single-chip PC video camera engine means that it can capture motion video and still images at up to 640 x 480 pixels (VGA) resolution and full-motion video at up to 352 x 288 pixels (10-15 frames per second at 640 x 480). HomeC@m's built-in microphone means there's no additional equipment to set up and no more cables to get in the way.

Two Full Sets of Software Applications Included - one to keep, one to share!

Full version PC software supplied with HomeC@m Connect includes Liquid Pics for creating real-time liquid-morphing effects on digital photos, which can be saved, printed and sent via e-mail. Presto! VideoWorks software enables video editing and enhancement for home videos, business presentations or homework projects.

A suite of four outstanding full-versions of ixla software applications is also included. ixla VideoPlus is for video capture and video email. ixla Digital Camera Suite allows content creation tool for HTML webpages, slide shows, or greetings cards. ixla Explorer provides a front-end for image browsing, viewing and storage and ixla Artist, which is a fully featured image editing program. A variety of shareware and demo software for security, webcam and HTML content creation is also included in the HomeC@m Connect CD software library.

Two complete sets of the installation disks for this software are included in HomeC@m Connect, one for each camera user.

HomeC@m Connect is supplied with a two year warranty and the very best in technical support, including support hotlines, Internet web site and ftp.

Editors Notes

* UK only - see website for shipping details to R.O.W.

¹ Video e-mail is e-mail with an attached video file that can be played when the e-mail is opened.

² A webcam is a small PC camera, like HomeC@m, left in a fixed location. At fixed intervals in time the camera takes a picture and posts it to a website, where it can be viewed.

Technical Information

Minimum system requirements: 200 MHz Pentium PC or equivalent with 16 MB RAM, USB connector and Windows 98 or USB-ready version of Windows 95 (Ver 4.00.950B/OSR2.1 or later). Sound card and speakers required for sending and receiving audio. 28.8 Kbps modem or above or network connection required for video conferencing. Synchronous modem required for H.324 based video call.

Video formats: 24 bit RGB; YUV4:1:1 (JPEG-Lite compression). Video resolutions: 640 x 480 (VGA); 352 x 288 (CIF, Common Interchange Format); 320 x 240; 176 x 144 (QCIF, Quarter CIF); 160 x 120.

Connectors: USB connector for video in/out and power. 3.5mm phono jack for audio input to sound card/motherboard audio microphone in.