PURE FlowSongs beta music service goes live


London, UK 16th August 2010: PURE, the world-leading radio maker, announces that its FlowSongs music beta service is now live.

FlowSongs allows users to identify (tag) and buy tracks while listening to any digital, FM or internet radio station and stream them to their radio at the touch of a button without having to switch on a computer. FlowSongs is currently exclusive to UK customers as a public beta with an international roll out taking place later in the year.

PURE has received overwhelming support from all parts of the music industry including artists, publishers and the vast majority of the labels for its revolutionary new service. In fact over 85% of 7digital’s music catalogue will be available to FlowSongs customers to purchase, stream and download when the service goes live today. However a very small minority of rights owners are still considering the rights issues associated with the secure streaming of legally purchased content and while doing so have opted out.

PURE respects the rights of all content owners and continues to talk to those who are yet to approve the service. PURE’s intention is to build a music service, which enables radio listeners and music fans to hear, buy and love more and more music legally, and for artists and labels to receive remuneration for their work.

The beta version of FlowSongs is available now in the UK on all PURE internet-connected digital radios including: Sensia, EVOKE Flow, AVANTI Flow, Oasis Flow and Siesta Flow.

For more information, please visit www.pure.com/FlowSongs or call +44 (0) 845 1489001.

FlowSongs Service Partners
Tagging is a music identifying service provided by Shazam, the world-leading music discovery provider with a database of over eight million tracks. The music store is provided by 7digital offering direct links to purchase from a tagged track.

About FlowSongs
The first of a range of new services coming to PURE’s internet-connected digital radios, FlowSongs allows users to tag and buy tracks while listening to any digital, FM or internet radio station and stream them at the touch of a button from their radio without having to switch on a computer. In addition to streaming purchased tracks from any PURE radio with Flow technology, tracks can also be downloaded in a high-quality MP3 format to a PC or Mac and added to the user’s MP3 collection.

To access the FlowSongs service, users simply register their Flow radio on the Lounge (www.thelounge.com), then open and top-up a Lounge Account using a credit or debit card. From the point of opening the Lounge Account, the user receives a free 90 day trial subscription to FlowSongs allowing them to tag as many tracks as they like although credit is required in the user’s account in order to purchase tracks. Tracks are individually priced, usually between 79p and £1.29 depending on the publisher, as with other leading services.

After the 90 day trial, the user can continue to use FlowSongs for an annual subscription of £2.99, enabling them to identify an unlimited number of tracks as well as purchase tracks (as long as the user’s Lounge Account is topped up with credit) for a further twelve months. The Lounge Account balance can be checked and topped up at any time on the radio or online via The Lounge.

When purchased, the track is stored on the Lounge and can then be streamed from any PURE radio with Flow technology. The track can be downloaded and added to the user’s digital music collection or uploaded onto an iPod or MP3 player. In addition, the track can be streamed from and organised into playlists on the Lounge. Playlists are mirrored on the radio and tracks can be searched by artist or album.

About PURE
PURE is the world’s leading manufacturer of broadcast and internet-connected digital radios, the number one supplier of digital radios in Europe and the creator of the EVOKE-1S, the world’s most popular and iconic digital radio. PURE radios increasingly support all the broadcast standards in the DAB family used across all key markets in Europe and beyond. PURE is also leading the way in internet-connected radios based on its Flow technology and the PURE Lounge portal (www.thelounge.com). Designed and engineered in the UK, all of PURE’s products are manufactured with the environment in mind and at ethically audited facilities. PURE is a division of Imagination Technologies Group plc. See www.pure.com.

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