PURE launches EVOKE Flow – the first truly "connected" radio

PURE's connected radio and media portal

London, UK, 21st August 2008: PURE – the UK's leading radio manufacturer - presents the first truly connected radio, EVOKE Flow and its radio and media portal, the PURE Lounge (www.thelounge.com).

EVOKE Flow combines DAB digital radio with Wi-Fi technology and FM to embrace many different ways of listening to audio including Internet radio stations, DAB digital radio, FM, podcasts, listen again content* and media streaming from local PCs or network storage.

As a truly connected radio with an intuitive user interface, EVOKE Flow offers a powerful on-line search engine to easily and quickly find the required station and content without relying on a PC.

EVOKE Flow provides a two-way flow of information between the radio, the web portal and the broadcaster. This enables new and varied features involving listener interactivity which will include feedback, voting and advanced services such as music download and tagging **

The combination of EVOKE Flow and the PURE Lounge provides easy and effective access to a world of internet and networked audio content, including content unique to PURE. The first exclusive content for EVOKE Flow is PURE Sounds, a library of over 100 sounds designed to allow the listener to set the perfect mood or even help their child go to sleep. PURE Sounds include seagulls, the human heartbeat, a dramatic thunderstorm and many more. Further unique and premium content on The PURE Lounge is expected soon. New features and services on EVOKE Flow will be made available through automatic software upgrades.

EVOKE Flow is available from September 2008 at just £149.99 (SRP) from all good stockists.

Colin Crawford, PURE's director of marketing says: "PURE made its name as the company behind the success of DAB which is now the major format for digital radio in UK and a fast growing number of other countries. EVOKE Flow maintains our commitment to the DAB format while allowing customers to "top-up" their listening with additional content.

"Six years ago, PURE kick-started the digital radio market with the EVOKE-1 and I am confident that EVOKE Flow will have the same kind of impact on the new Internet radio market. Combining our customer-led marketing with a product which makes Wi-Fi radio simple, EVOKE Flow will start the transformation of Internet radio from a niche to a mass market."

EVOKE Flow's design is based on the iconic EVOKE-1S but comes in a sleek, piano black finish with touch-sensitive controls and black chrome trim. It has a large, clear graphical display, using the latest OLED technology, and uses context-sensitive buttons to provide an incredibly intuitive interface. EVOKE Flow is 'Plug and Play' out of the box and is ready to go with just a couple of simple steps. There's no complex setup – EVOKE Flow does all the thinking required to get online.***

The PURE Lounge
www.thelounge.com is a bespoke radio and media portal developed by PURE to provide easy and effective access to online radio content and more (internet radio stations, podcasts, listen again content and PURE Sounds) for its connected radios and online users. EVOKE Flow and the PURE Lounge work seamlessly and in tandem. Once the user has registered their EVOKE Flow on the PURE Lounge, they can set up their favourites and create a unique schedule of programmes that match their tastes and listening habits. Both the EVOKE Flow and the PURE Lounge automatically mirror each other when settings or favourites are changed making the radio even easier to use.

The PURE Lounge has a powerful search mechanism which makes it extremely easy to locate content, including thousands of radio stations from around the world. Users can search by any combination of station name, genre, location, language and audio quality. EVOKE Flow also employs this user-friendly search mechanism.

Favourites can be organised simply but powerfully as the user sees fit, by type (my jazz stations), person (Dad's 80's hits), by category (my podcasts), by radio (my kitchen radio) or any combination of the above. The customisable PURE Lounge also allows the user to choose a look and colour to suit their personality.

PURE's extensive roadmap of developments combined with relevant partnerships with radio stations and content suppliers will deliver increased services, functionality and content over the coming months and years, including more unique and premium content.

Internet Radio
Internet radio offers a world of audio ranging from Algerian Rai to Zairean Soukous or from Gaelic football results and the New York Knicks' scores to current events in Poland. It also allows holiday-makers and ex-pats abroad to listen to their favourites from their home area or country.

There are 1000's of podcasts available anytime on EVOKE Flow covering a whole host of subjects. Listen to DIY tips, play a bedtime story for the kids, study a foreign language in ten episodes or catch up with a favourite breakfast show. No PC or iPod required.

Listen Again
Listen again is a service offered by a number of radio stations and allows the listener to catch up with their favourite shows when they choose to. Listen again content can be accessed on the EVOKE Flow anywhere in the house within the range of the wireless network.

Media Streaming
Users can access their local digital music collection on EVOKE Flow, playing digital music files from a networked computer or storage device.

EVOKE Flow is also a brilliant 'regular' radio too, based on PURE's award-winning radio design heritage, which enables listening to DAB or FM radio wherever they are broadcast. The radio is ChargePAK® ready (optional accessory) and offers 15 hours of portable DAB listening per charge. It is also possible to add the optional S-1 speaker and enjoy stereo sound from EVOKE Flow.

EVOKE Flow is a member of PURE's EcoPlus™ range. EcoPlus sets standards within PURE for: reduced power consumption; use of packaging materials from recycled and sustainable sources; reduced packaging size; and use of components with minimised environmental impact.

Please visit www.pure.com, www.thelounge.com or call 0845 1489001 for more information.

Editor's Notes
*Available from radio stations that have a listen again/ archive service, including most BBC stations
**Music download and tagging will be made available through a future software upgrade
*** A wireless router is required to enjoy Internet radio, podcasts and listen again content on EVOKE Flow. Once the radio is switched on, the user is prompted to select their wireless network and enter a code if necessary.

About PURE Digital
PURE Digital is the world's leading manufacturer of DAB digital radios, the number one supplier of radios in the UK, and the creator of the EVOKE family, the most popular DAB radios in the world. A UK business using UK technology, PURE Digital offers the widest range of award-winning DAB radios. PURE Digital is a division of Imagination Technologies Group plc. See www.pure.com.

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