PURE Digital DTM-300 Slim-Line Micro Audio System With DAB/FM/CD/MP3

London, UK: PURE Digital – a division of Imagination Technologies (LSE:IMG) – presents DTM-300 – the slim-line micro system that delivers a complete audio experience without taking over the house. DTM-300 happily handles CD, MP3, DAB digital radio, FM with RDS, and CD-R and CD-RW playback.

With its sophisticated space-saving upright design, DTM-300 fits neatly into any lifestyle, placing audio or MP3 CD playback and the great content of digital radio just a remote control click away.

DTM-300 will be on sale from October 2005 for £189.99 inc. VAT.

Says Kevin Dale, GM, PURE Digital: "With its low-impact form factor, cool-blue ambient power light and motorised CD cover DTM-300 is the stylish alternative to a full-sized audio system. The elegant DTM-300 puts all three major digital audio formats – CD, MP3 and digital radio – into a versatile vertical form factor you can design-in to any room, no matter how tight you are on space."

DTM-300 features DAB digital radio for crackle-free radio including unique digital-only content, as well as FM with RDS for any non-digital stations, and the ability to act as a sound system for an external device such as an iPOD or MiniDisc. As well as the auxiliary input DTM-300 features a headphone output and a fully featured remote control.

DTM-300 features a cool smooth-sliding motorised vertical-loading CD mechanism, which plays standard audio CDs as well as MP3 CDs and supports CD-R/RW discs. DTM-300 may be slim-line but it doesn't lack power with 6.5W RMS per channel and audio-quality that out-performs micro-systems in its class. Its stylish vertical design, finished in metallic black, delivers superb audio, adjustable for room acoustics with bass and treble tone control.

DTM-300 is a great all-rounder, which is adaptable for the bedroom too; featuring a large display and clock with alarm and sleep timer function.

The DAB transmission standard provides high quality, interference-free digital audio without the hiss, crackle and fade of AM/FM broadcasts. Fast autotune locates all available DAB stations and users simply select stations by name. DTM-300 will list them alphabetically or in the order users listen to them most.

Up to twice as many stations are available in many areas as via FM. UK stations broadcast digitally include national BBC Radios 1-4, BBC Radio 5 Live, Classic FM, talkSPORT and Virgin Radio, plus local and unique-to-digital stations. For storing favourite stations DTM-300 has 9 DAB and 9 FM presets.

DTM-300 also features FM with RDS enabling manual or 'seek' tuning for your favourite local analogue radio stations. Station names and scrolling text are supplied via RDS.

DTM-300's large two-line display shows station name, date/time, scrolling text with news, sports results, song titles and more.

The mains-powered DTM-300 is covered by a 2-year warranty. See www.pure.com for stockists or call 01923 277488.

Editors' Notes
DTM-300 is powered by the Frontier Chorus FS1010, which incorporates the revolutionary META multi-threaded processor and DAB technologies developed by Imagination Technologies' Metagence and Ensigma divisions.