EVOKE-2 DAB / FM Portable Radio from PURE Digital Shipping Now

London, UK: PURE Digital – a division of Imagination Technologies (LSE:IMG) – announces that the hotly anticipated PURE EVOKE-2 DAB and FM radio is now shipping.

EVOKE-2 has a RRP of just £159.99 inc. VAT and is available from PURE Digital's dealer network.

EVOKE-2 is the latest radio in PURE's best selling EVOKE radio family. "It's the best all-in-one portable around," said T3 magazine (August 2003, Best Buy Award). "If you're fed up with pushing buttons and long for the days of twiddling knobs, you'll love this," said The Sun (Gizmo, July 4th, 2003).

PURE Digital is world's leading supplier of DAB radios – in fact in June 2003 more than twice as many EVOKE-1 DAB radios were sold than any other portable transistor radio in the UK (Source: GfK). Its product range includes the DRX-701ES DAB tuner, winner of What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision's Tuner Product Of The Year 2002 and EVOKE-1, the first DAB radio under £100. Other products include the DRX-702ES DAB/FM/AM tuner and the EVOKE-1 Elgar Special Edition DAB digital radio.

DAB receivers offer a more robust reception technology, providing crystal clear reception. EVOKE-2 users can choose from up to 55 DAB stations in some areas, plus any available FM stations. DAB stations include BBC Radios 1-4, 5 Live, 5 Live Sports Extra, Classic FM, and local and exclusive-to-digital stations such as BBC 6 Music, BBC 7, BBC 1Xtra, Oneword, Planet Rock and Passion for the Planet.

The EVOKE-2 is a battery-powered stand-alone DAB and FM radio. Its maple wood casework surrounds a pearlescent white front with silver grille and control panel with scrolling LCD text display, station selection, tone and volume knobs and button controls for presets, band selection, display settings, power and auto-tuning. EVOKE-2 has integrated stereo full range hi-fi speakers and features a reflex port for enhanced bass performance.

Users will now be able to enjoy DAB digital radio indoors and out with the battery and mains powered EVOKE-2. In addition to great-sounding DAB digital radio, EVOKE-2 also receives FM analogue radio for maximum station choice. An optical digital output for DAB is provided, allowing connection to a hi-fi system with digital input or recording to Minidisc. Stereo line-out is also available via a 3.5 mm socket for analogue output of DAB and FM.