VideoLogic Announces Breakthrough European DAB Radio Tuner

VideoLogic Systems – a division of Imagination Technologies – has announced the availability of its DAB Digital Radio Tuner DRX-602ES across Europe. The DRX-602ES is the third in a family of DAB tuner products from VideoLogic and builds on the success in the UK of the award winning DRX-601 tuner family. This new tuner has been modified with the addition of multi-language capabilities, support for up to 81 presets via remote control unit, performance tuning, an elegant silver design and dual-band capability for broadcast frequencies throughout Europe.

Priced at just €699 the DRX-602ES is hundreds of Euros cheaper than typical DAB tuners available in Europe and is more than a match for even the most expensive in terms of audio quality. The leading UK hi-fi magazine, What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision, awarded the DRX-601ES the top "5-star" score in its July 2001 issue.

Languages and characters sets supported by the DRX-602ES include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian. DRX-602ES provides Band III and L-Band reception for compatibility with all European DAB broadcasts.

Says Kevin Dale, president, VideoLogic: "The DRX range has been a great success in the United Kingdom and we're delighted to bring this award-winning design to a wider European audience. VideoLogic stormed the UK market with the excellent quality, performance and pricing of these products and we expect to do the same across Europe with this latest addition to the family."

The VideoLogic DRX-602ES features a stylish silver anodised aluminium front panel along with silver finish casework and controls, cool blue LED indicators and an easy to read blue/white display.

DRX-602ES also improves upon the audio quality of DAB with optimised PAC™ Technology for psycho-acoustic compensation, the result of which is a significantly more natural sound than other digital radio tuners.

Analogue FM or MW radio signals suffer from several kinds of interference travelling between the transmitter and the radio, caused by tall buildings, the landscape or weather conditions. Digital radio selects the strongest regional transmitter automatically and then actually uses any obstacles as reflectors to create multiple path reception conditions that optimise receiver sensitivity and ensure users get digital-quality sound with no break-ups.

As well as crystal-clear reception and high-detail digital-quality sound, DRX-602ES can provide additional information including station identification, track listings, traffic and news data or other text (dependent on transmission content provided by the broadcasting station), which is displayed on the DRX-602ES' integral LCD screen. The DRX-602ES can be used with any standard hi-fi amplifier.

The stylish silver design of the DRX-602ES is intended to complement the user's hi-fi separates system, either as an additional input source to a hi-fi amplifier or as a replacement for an existing radio tuner. DRX-602ES has a high quality slim-line aluminium fascia with a very easy to use interface. The system is accompanied by a fully featured infrared remote control for the easy selection of main channel or secondary service broadcasts. Secondary service is a 'sub-channel' that can contain additional broadcasts like news, competitions or expanded information that enrich the user's enjoyment of the main broadcast.

DRX-602ES has high performance 24-bit / 96 kHz delta sigma digital to analogue converters for high-quality stereo digital audio, a low noise toroidal transformer power supply, fast auto-tune and service selection as well as 81 station presets operated from the remote control.

DRX-602ES includes a full suite of input and output features for maximum connectivity including: S/P-DIF digital output (48 kHz) via Toslink and phono connectors for direct digital recording to MiniDisc or DAT, loop through circuit for external FM/AM tuner, RF connector for DAB antenna connection. An RDI (Receiver Data Interface) optical port is also fitted for future expansion and connectivity.