PCI Sound Going For A Song

VideoLogic, the international PC multimedia and 3D graphics company, has cut the price of its award winning SonicStorm PCI sound card from £69.00 to just £49.00 (inc. VAT.)

Kevin Dale marketing and sales director, VideoLogic Systems, says: "The SonicStorm was the first mainstream PCI sound card on the market. Since then, PCI sound has really taken off and we're passing on the benefit of our increased volumes to the consumer.

"Now that the SonicStorm costs no more than many new games, there's no reason why every PC user shouldn't escape the punishing effects of ISA soundcards on CPU utilisation and game speed."About SonicStorm

SonicStorm is widely available from most major PC retailers and dealers, including Electronics Boutique, GAME and PC World.

The SonicStorm audio accelerator is ideal for home PC users and PC gamers. Based on the ESS Maestro chipset, SonicStorm combines the very latest in PCI-based audio acceleration for DirectSound and DirectSound3D, with true hi-fi quality using an AC97 codec, 64 channel audio stream capability and a 64 voice MIDI wavetable synthesiser.

A further key feature of the SonicStorm is its support for legacy DOS games and applications.

The SonicStorm is supplied with the award winning Jet-Audio multimedia player, Audio Rack, Midisoft Studio 4.0 (Lite version), and Mixman 3-Mix to provide a comprehensive suite of audio applications. Playback of all major audio formats is supported* as well as music re-mixing and MIDI recording and editing.