Matrox Graphics Inc. Selects PowerVR for new 3D Accelerator Add-In Card Range

VideoLogic Group Plc today announces that leading graphics vendor, Matrox Graphics Inc., has signed a strategic alliance with NEC Electronics Inc. for the supply of high-performance 3D graphics processors based on the PowerVR technology from VideoLogic and NEC.

The first product from the alliance will be the new Matrox m3D, a graphics add-in board based on the latest NEC PowerVR PCX2 3D processor. The Matrox m3D will be shipping in the fourth quarter of 1997 and available worldwide.

Matrox Graphics Inc. is the largest manufacturer of branded graphics cards in the world and the number two vendor of 3D controllers with 28% market share. In 1996 the company shipped over 4 million 3D controller units. Matrox Graphics Inc. has two main PC graphics card product lines today - Matrox Mystique and Matrox Millennium. The Matrox m3D will be the third PC graphics card product line sold by the company.

"The Matrox m3D's exceptional price makes it the most cost effective way for any PC user to upgrade their PC to a high performance, high resolution 3D PC this Christmas," Dan Wood, senior product manager, Matrox Graphics, said. "The PowerVR technology is a great compliment to the Matrox graphics accelerator product line."

"Matrox is regarded as both the dominant leader in the graphics card market and one of the best designers of high-quality, performance graphics controllers in the world," said Geoff Shingles, Chairman of VideoLogic Group Plc. "The alliance of Matrox with PowerVR for high-end 3D is not just a major design win for the VideoLogic and NEC, but a clear endorsement of PowerVR's technical superiority from the graphics industry itself."PowerVR Worldwide Support in Systems, Add-In Boards

PowerVR has been adopted as the advanced 3D graphics accelerator by some of the world's leading PC suppliers, including Compaq Computers, the largest PC manufacturer worldwide, with the Presario 8000 range; NEC PC, Japan's largest PC manufacturer, with the PC98 series; and Peacock Computers, a major European PC manufacturer, with the TAKE Entertainer PC range. In addition to Matrox Graphics Inc., PowerVR 3D add-in boards are also available worldwide from market leaders VideoLogic, NEC Home Electronics, IO Data and Melco.

About Matrox

Worldwide, Matrox Graphics Inc. employs appoximately 450 people and maintains sales, marketing and support operations in major European market centres; France, Germany, Italy and the UK. Matrox Graphics Inc. generated revenues of $30 million in 1993, $75 million in 1994, $210 million in 1995 and projects sales for fiscal 1996 (year ending March 1997) to approach $500 million - a growth of more than 200 per cent every year. The company claims the dominant share of the high-end graphics accelerator market, and its roster of OEMs includes Compaq, Dell, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Gateway, NEC, Intergraph, AST, Digital, Motorola, Olivetti, Siemens Nixdorf, Fujitsu ICL, Apricot and UMAX.