April Fools'! Presenting Evoke Mood, the first digital radio with facial recognition technology


Evoke new feelings and a song to match

The world’s first digital radio to deliver a truly personalised listening experience

London, April 1st 2018: Pure proudly presents the Evoke Mood; the world’s first digital radio using advanced facial recognition technology to play broadcasts that complement any listener’s emotions.

A state-of-the-art extension of Pure’s flagship Evoke range, this new model features a 4K camera above its screen that boasts innovative facial recognition and retinal scanning technology. Users simply face the device and a complex algorithm will determine the ideal digital radio programme to match the listener’s current feelings.

The technology engineered into Evoke Mood’s camera has the ability to decode a human’s face by scanning and interpreting microexpressions. Unlike regular prolonged facial expressions, these brief, involuntary facial movements – such as a slight curvature of the mouth – are the best indicator of a person’s emotions.

Advanced retinal scanning also factors in eye movements, pupil size and wideness of the eyelids to help decipher the user’s mood.

Using patented MoodMatch technology, the radio is able to recognise up to 120 unique ‘mood sets’ – including; euphoric, drowsy and even hangry. Evoke Mood’s outer fascia is also flush with LED lights, which automatically change to a unique pantone colour to match every single mood. So, when a listener is feeling peaceful, the radio will light up in a stunning lavender hue.

Jas Palmer, product manager at Pure, comments: “Radio is widely considered as one of the most traditional platforms for music consumption. We wanted to flip this notion on its head, by integrating a ground-breaking form of technology into one of the world’s best-selling digital radio ranges.

“Exploiting a huge library of diverse digital radio programming, Evoke Mood is the first audio product on the market to provide a truly tailored listening experience for every owner.”

Loaded with high-performance stereo speakers, the radio’s class-leading sound is capable of filling any room within the home for an unprecedented listening experience. Other features include; a vivid colour screen, alarms and timers and 30 station presets.

Benefitting from Pure’s heritage of British design and engineering, the new Evoke Mood is digital tick approved, with three years warranty as standard.

Evoke Mood will be available exclusively from Pure.com at SRP £499.99.   

About Pure

As pioneers of digital radio and the first to fully embrace the technology in 1999, Pure has become the world’s leading digital radio manufacturer, with over 5 million sold worldwide.

Passionate not just about radio, but quality audio; Pure designs and engineers its radios in its state-of-the art engineering facilities just outside of London.

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