PURE Digital Shipping DRX-702ES Hi-Fi Radio Tuner

LONDON, UK, April 4th 2003: PURE Digital – a division of Imagination Technologies – is now shipping its PURE DRX-702ES DAB digital radio tuner. The completely new design of the advanced DRX-702ES hi-fi tuner builds on the huge success of the DRX-701ES, which was recently given annual awards by What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision, Hi-Fi Choice and Hi-Fi News.

The PURE DRX-702ES features the latest DAB processor from Frontier Silicon and a high-performance AM/FM analogue radio tuner as well as multi-language support and dual-band reception for use throughout Europe. DRX-702ES, the world's first affordable DAB and analogue tuner, is priced at just £329.99 (RRP inc. VAT).

DRX-702ES provides a superb analogue radio solution alongside the award-winning quality of the best DAB digital tuner. Its highly sensitive analogue reception and audio quality are better than most standalone analogue hi-fi radio tuners. In addition the DRX-702ES brings much of the usability of DAB to analogue radio by enabling autotune and selection by station name, and naming of AM and non-RDS FM stations.

PURE Digital is the world's leading supplier of DAB radios. Its product range includes the DRX-701ES DAB tuner, winner of What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision's Tuner Product of the Year 2002 and annual awards from Hi-Fi Choice, Hi-Fi News and Boys Toys, EVOKE-1, the first DAB radio under £100, and the premium portable DAB radio, the PURE DRX-601EX. Other new products include the EVOKE-2 DAB/FM radio and the EVOKE-1 Elgar Special Edition portable DAB radio.

The feature-rich DRX-702ES radio tuner includes: DAB/FM/AM reception; USB connectivity for easy software upgrades and future DAB data access; configurable DAB station ordering (alphabetically, by multiplex, or by favourite / most played); 99 DAB presets; 99 FM presets; 99 AM presets; high-sensitivity RF tuner module; low-noise toroidal transformer power supply; fast autotune and service selection; RDS support; signal strength meter with diagnostics for easy aerial set-up; and optimised PAC-II™ technology which results in a significantly more natural sound than other DAB digital radio tuners.

To further enhance the performance and functionality of this class-leading product the DRX-702ES is also available with optional balanced outputs, featuring high-performance balanced line driver circuitry and metal shielded Neutrik XLR connectors with hard gold-plated output pins, for connection to pro-audio systems, studio equipment or high end hi-fi systems. The balanced output version of the DRX-702ES will be available for just £399 inc. VAT, or balanced outputs can be fitted to a standard DRX-702ES for just £100 (return to base fitting required).

Inside DRX-702ES

The PURE DRX-702ES features Frontier Silicon's Chorus™ FS1010 highly integrated, third-generation DAB chip. The Chorus processor is a single-chip DAB/audio processor, based on the META™ processor design and Ensigma DAB IP licensed from Imagination Technologies, and enables PURE Digital to create a high-performance, feature-rich and cost-effective DAB tuner.

The PURE DRX-702ES' DAB output includes ultra high performance 24-bit / 192 kHz delta sigma digital to analogue converters and built-in 4x up-sampling with data interpolation – a feature which is usually only found on expensive, stand-alone DAC solutions.

The DRX-702ES also features a high specification AM/FM tuner with superior THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) and tuner sensitivity. The DRX-702ES' analogue tuner features a one touch, fast RDS autotune to filter out weak, duplicated stations. Stations can be alphabetically stored using RDS text, which enables tuning by name - no need to remember frequencies.

DRX-702ES includes a full suite of input and output features for maximum connectivity including: S/PDIF digital output via Toslink for direct digital recording of DAB to MiniDisc or DAT and a USB connection to enable users to upgrade the tuner software themselves by downloading firmware update files which will be made available on the PURE Digital website.

DRX-702ES has multi-language support for English, French, German, Spanish, Danish and Swedish as well as dual-band reception (Band III / L-band) to ensure ease of use throughout Europe and world-wide territories.

The DRX-702ES is provided with a two-year manufacturer's warranty.