VideoLogic Announces Major Upgrade to SonicStorm Audio Bundle

VideoLogic, the international multimedia and 3D graphics company, has updated its award-winning PCI-based sound card, SonicStorm, with the impressive new audio and multimedia playback application, Jet Audio 3.12 from Cowon Systems Inc.

Effective immediately, all SonicStorm PCI-based audio cards will come bundled with a full version of Cowon Systems Inc.'s Jet-Audio 3.12. Jet Audio 3.12 is one of the most purchased software applications on the net today and has a retail price of £20.00 ($29.00). The retail price of the new SonicStorm remains unchanged at £69.00 inc. VAT.

"SonicStorm has already been acknowledged as one of the leading PCI sound cards on the market today," said Kevin Dale, sales and marketing director for VideoLogic Multimedia Systems. "Jet-Audio is an extremely user friendly, yet comprehensive interface which allows the user to exploit the capabilities of SonicStorm, and as part of the new bundle makes SonicStorm excellent value for money."

Launched in February of this year, Cowon Jet-Audio 3.12 combines a comprehensive suite of audio and video multimedia playback features in a user-friendly interface. The home audio system interface supports:

  • Playback of audio CD and MIDI, as well as Digital Audio formats including Wav and Real Audio
  • Recording of Digital Audio formats including Wav and Real Audio
  • CDDB for automatic downloading of CD track and artist information off the web
  • Built-in MPEG 1 layer 3 audio decoder (MP3 playback, including ID3 tag song information)
  • DSP reverb engine for MP3 playback including stadium, hall, room, stage modes
  • Six-band graphic equaliser for MP3 playback
  • Spectrum analyser function with peak hold
  • Remote Control panel and taskbar icon for ease of use
  • Management of multiple audio and video formats

In addition Jet Audio 3.12 also supports Digital Video playback including Real Video, AVI, VideoCD and MPEG formats as well as Quicktime if installed. With Jet-Audio, you can enjoy video files with adjustable playback speed, and even capture and convert individual frames to BMP format.

Jet-Audio 3.12 rates as a Top Pick at, and has received the best rating (5 stars) and Hot File of the Day from Hotfiles (ZDNet). It also features on the Editor's Pick/Top Download on Softseek, and has been awarded 5 Cows from TUCOWS.SonicStorm - Product Highlights

As a PCI-based audio accelerator, SonicStorm is capable of handling multiple streams of high quality audio, for improved sound quality and realism. Using PCI, SonicStorm makes significantly lower demands on the CPU than ISA-based solutions and has an audio bandwidth 25 times faster than ISA. As a result, games running under PCI audio are more responsive and play at higher frame rates than ISA-based sound.

SonicStorm incorporates an AC97 codec for true hi-fi quality sound, supports full duplex, 48KHz sampling for CD quality recording, and playback of material sampled at up to 48KHz.

Using the Maestro-1 audio signal processor from ESS Technology, the SonicStorm has a 64 channel audio steam processor, a 64 voice General MIDI wavetable synthesizer and 2 speaker 3D sound virtualisation. A 2Mb or 4Mb Wavetable sample file is stored in system memory and samples are transferred over the PCI bus, removing both complexity and cost from the card itself.

For the latest crop of Windows 95 3D accelerated games, SonicStorm delivers 3D positional sound virtualisation with Qsound. Through Qsound, sounds can be accurately positioned at any point in space, in x,y and z directions, around the listener. In addition, SonicStorm has a dedicated accelerated gameport under Windows 95 for improved and more responsive joystick performance.

SonicStorm exceeds the Microsoft PC97/98 specification and supports DirectSound and DirectSound3D (Direct X 5.0) under Windows 95 and Aureal3D for the emerging set of audio enhanced games. The card has full support for the SoundBlaster and DOS standards, running all DOS based games without the need for an additional ISA sound card.