VideoLogic Announces Apocalypse 3Dx™: Next Generation PowerVR Accelerator

SAN BRUNO, CALIF. (April 14, 1997) VideoLogic, one of the world's leading makers of computer graphics and 3D hardware, today announced it will introduce a new version of its popular Apocalypse 3D PowerVRTM-based PC graphics accelerator card. The new Apocalypse 3Dx is based on the recently-introduced NEC® PCX2TM processor, jointly designed by VideoLogic's Technology Division and NEC Electronics.

Compared to the original PCX1TM technology, Apocalypse 3Dx delivers 50 percent more 3D performance, supports higher display resolutions and has a substantially improved 3D image quality, through the inclusion of bilinear and adaptive bilinear texture filtering.

"With the launch of the Apocalypse 3Dx, VideoLogic definitively answers the debate on the best 3D accelerator on the market," said Jordan Watters, vice president of sales and marketing for VideoLogic, Inc. "This board is a full 40 percent faster than its nearest 3D rivals based on 3Dfx and, unlike all conventional 3D accelerators, will continue to improve in performance with newer and faster CPUs."More Features, More Games, Same Price

The new Apocalypse 3Dx retail pack has an expanded games bundle with four full version, PowerVR-designed games, including WipeOut XLTM from Psygnosis®, ULTIM@TE RACETM from Kalisto®, Resident EvilTM from Capcom® and MechWarrior 2TM from Activision®. The new card is also fully compatible with all existing PowerVR and Direct3D game titles.

The suggested retail price for the new Apocalypse 3Dx pack, including the PCX2-based card, the four full version PowerVR games and drivers for both PowerSGL and Microsoft D3D, remains unchanged at $199. The card, now sampling to PC OEMs and systems integrators, will begin shipping to the retail market later this quarter.

Excluding the new PCX2 processor upgrade, the board design for the Apocalypse 3Dx remains identical to the first generation card, being a single slot half length PCI card for Pentium-based PCs running Windows 95. Recommended system requirements for the Apocalypse 3Dx are a Pentium 133 or higher with at least 32MB of RAM. The card is compatible with DirectDraw-enabled 2D graphics cards or controllers and is supplied with 4MB of high performance SDRAM texture memory on board.

Special $99 Upgrade Program For Existing PowerVR Users

In conjunction with the launch of Apocalypse 3Dx, VideoLogic is introducing a special upgrade program for both registered customers of the original PCX1-based Apocalypse 3D card and registered owners of Compaq Presario machines equipped with PowerVR boards. This special upgrade pack will be available directly from VideoLogic and will contain the two new PowerVR games titles, WipeOut 2097 and Resident Evil, plus a PCX2 based accelerator card. This special Apocalypse 3Dx upgrade pack will be priced at just $99. For more information, contact VideoLogic at (800) 578-5644 or visit the company's Web site at

Second Generation NEC PCX2 Processor

The new NEC® PCX2TM 3D graphics accelerator offers significantly better performance than competing products in its price range, outperforming the 3Dfx® Voodoo GraphicsTM processor by up to 40 percent and the S3® ViRGETM processor by 10- to 20-times, according to independent tests using Microsoft® Direct3DTM benchmarks.

The PCX2 enhancements include significant increased performance as a result of integrating floating to fix point formatting and parameter scaling functions into the PCX2 hardware setup. Offloading such processing-intensive tasks from the system CPU enables more processing power to be dedicated to geometry setup. This performance increase also enables higher frame rates and resolutions, such as 800x600 and 1024x768 in 16-bit and 24-bit color. These features are key elements to more realistic game play with more clearly defined images.

The new PowerVR processor also has other features to improve 3D image and display:

  • Bilinear and adaptive bilinear filtering eliminates blocky pixels, leading to smoother, more realistic images.
  • Dithering from 24-bit, or "true color," to 16-bit color provides the true color look on standard 16-bit PC graphics systems, giving a more photorealistic image on mainstream PCs.
  • Compositing 2D and 3D on the PCX2 accelerator significantly reduces system overhead, giving more cycles for 3D polygon processing.

PowerVR Ready Games Program

All four games included in the Apocalypse 3Dx retail pack are certified according to the new PowerVR Ready Games Program. Resident Evil and ULTIM@TE RACE are certified as PowerVR ExtremeTM games. This is the ultimate PowerVR certification, reserved for games with the highest quality game play and market appeal. Games in this category must achieve a frame rate and resolution of 30 fps at 800x600.

WipeOut 2097 and MechWarrior 2 are classified as PowerVR EnhancedTM games, which are highly optimized ports of games from other platforms. Minimum requirements for a title in this category include a frame rate of up to 30 fps, resolution of 640x480 and up to 800x600, and a minimum colour depth of 16 bits.

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