VideoLogic Systems Launches Competitive Upgrade Program for Second Generation 3D Accelerator Card -- Apocalypse 3DxTM

In conjunction with the launch of the Apocalypse 3DxTM, VideoLogic Systems has today announced an aggressive upgrade program aimed specifically at 3Dfx customers. All customers of 3Dfx® based Righteous 3DTM cards from Orchid® and Monster 3DTM cards from Diamond Multimedia® can upgrade to the new Apocalypse 3Dx from VideoLogic Systems for £79.00 (exc. VAT and delivery) upon proof of purchase. This offer is valid in the UK only and will run until the 30th September 1997.

The competitive upgrade is 50% cheaper than the current RRP for Apocalypse 3Dx and approx. 60% cheaper than the current street prices for either 3Dfx card. The upgrade offer will be available directly from VideoLogic Systems this Summer. Recommended system requirements for Apocalypse 3Dx is a Pentium 133, with 32 MB of RAM.

The new Apocalypse 3Dx pack has an RRP of £159.00 and includes an NEC® PCX2TM based 3D accelerator card, four full version, PowerVR-designed games, including: WipeOut 2097TM from Psygnosis®, ULTIM@TE RACETM from Kalisto®, Resident EvilTM from Capcom® and MechWarrior 2TM from Activision®, and PowerSGL and Microsoft® Direct3DTM drivers. In independent tests the new NEC PCX2 processor , outperforms the 3Dfx® Voodoo GraphicsTM chip by up to 40 percent and the S3® ViRGETM processor by 10- to 20-times.

Apocalypse 3Dx is based on the NEC PCX2 processor and is a single slot half length PCI card for Pentium based Windows 95 PCs. The card is compatible with DirectDraw-enabled 2D graphics cards or controllers. Apocalypse 3Dx is supplied with 4 MB of high performance SDRAM texture memory on board.

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