SAN BRUNO, Calif.--April 29, 1997--VideoLogic, one of the world's leading makers of computer graphics and 3D hardware, took direct aim at its competitors in the 3D market and today announced a special, low-cost upgrade program for qualified owners of 3Dfx based Righteous 3D cards from Orchid and Monster 3D cards from Diamond Multimedia. This aggressive new upgrade program will allow users of these cards to purchase the recently announced Apocalypse 3Dx pack for only $129, a savings of $70 off the suggested retail price.

VideoLogic, the international PC multimedia and 3D graphics company, has today launched its second generation high-end dedicated 3D graphics accelerator card for the PC market called Apocalypse 3Dx. Apocalypse 3Dx is based on the recently introduced NEC® PCX2? 3D processor, designed by NEC Electronics and VideoLogic Technology Division.

In conjunction with the launch of the Apocalypse 3DxTM, VideoLogic Systems has today announced an aggressive upgrade program aimed specifically at 3Dfx customers. All customers of 3Dfx® based Righteous 3DTM cards from Orchid® and Monster 3DTM cards from Diamond Multimedia® can upgrade to the new Apocalypse 3Dx from VideoLogic Systems for £79.00 (exc. VAT and delivery) upon proof of purchase. This offer is valid in the UK only and will run until the 30th September 1997.

SAN BRUNO, CALIF. (April 14, 1997) VideoLogic, one of the world's leading makers of computer graphics and 3D hardware, today announced it will introduce a new version of its popular Apocalypse 3D PowerVRTM-based PC graphics accelerator card. The new Apocalypse 3Dx is based on the recently-introduced NEC® PCX2TM processor, jointly designed by VideoLogic's Technology Division and NEC Electronics.