VideoLogic Launches GrafixStar 600 - 128 bit Graphics Accelerator for the Windows 95 and Power Gaming Community

VideoLogic, the UK multimedia company, has today launched a low cost 128-bit graphics and movie accelerator for the power gaming and performance corporate workstation markets - the GrafixStar 600. Based on the new 128 bit ET6000 graphics controller from Tseng labs, the GrafixStar 600 will give Windows users and games enthusiasts the graphics performance of current VRAM products, but at an estimated street price of under £150.00. The card will begin shipping in volume in May.

In conjunction with the launch of the GrafixStar 600, VideoLogic has also introduced a new software driver CD, containing the drivers for all VideoLogic graphics and multimedia cards

The GrafixStar 600 comes with 2.25 MB MDRAM (multibank DRAM) on the board and is upgradable to 4.25 MB. The use of MDRAM enables the GrafixStar 600 to achieve higher data throughputs than both VRAM and WRAM alternatives - pushing 1 GB/sec at peak and 600 MB/sec sustained (VRAM achieves only 400 MB/sec sustained). However, the integration of MDRAM on the GrafixStar 600 creates a significant cost saving for the user of over $40 in comparison with VRAM based solutions.

Fully Windows 95 Plug and Play compatible, the GrafixStar 600 is capable of supporting resolutions to 1600 x 1200, up to 16.7 millions colours and refresh rates to 150Hz.

The GrafixStar 600 also features an integrated multimedia processor with bilinear (X and Y) interpolation enabling smoother, accelerated full screen digital video playback. The board also incorporates MPEG-1 software playback from Xing and supports multiple video windows under Direct Draw, DirectVideo and DCI up to 30 fps.

"Windows 95 applications, PC games and high resolution displays in general are putting a real strain on the current graphics engines," said Kevin Dale, European sales and marketing manager for VideoLogic. "The use of a 128 bit graphics engine that utilises MDRAM instead of VRAM, means the GrafixStar 600 offers the user a higher sustained bandwidth and superior graphics performance, without incurring the cost of current VRAM solutions."VideoLogic Announces CD for software drivers

The introduction of the new VideoLogic driver CD is a direct response to customer requests for a one stop shop for all VideoLogic software drivers - especially from those interested in upgrading their PC with video options such as MPEG or TV. In addition, running the CD instead of traditional floppy drives, drastically reduces the user install time and lowers the risk of driver corruption.

Over £200 worth of Prolab Software - free

As part of the GrafixStar 600 customer pack, VideoLogic is also bundling Prolab's multimedia software, free of charge. The CD consists of three software titles - Image Folio, VideoWork and MediaScope.

  • ImageFolio is a multimedia image processing application that allows you to edit, re-shape and colour images, with full twain capability for scanner interface.
  • VideoWork is a video capturing, editing and playback application that can manipulate and compress multiple video formats. Using over 150 transition effects and a wide range of video and audio special effects, VideoWork produces professional customised video on your PC.
  • MediaScope is a three in one on-screen multimedia CD player that gives the PC user a visual and easy to use interface to play Media CDs, Music CDs and MPEG CDs.

VideoLogic SmartTools

VideoLogic has also developed a suite of "Smart" utilities for use with the GrafixStar 600 under Windows 95, including SmartDesktop and SmartDisplay: SmartDesktop is an enhanced virtual desktop manager, enabling resolution switching on the fly; SmartDisplay, a graphics display Wizard to help users make the most suitable install and set up decisions for their graphics subsystems.

VideoLogic Support

The GrafixStar 600 is supplied with software drivers for Windows 3.11, Windows 95, IBM OS/2 2.0 and 3.0 (Warp). The card is backed by a five year warranty, with 24-hour on-line support on CompuServe, MSN and a local Bulletin Board Service.