DiscovR (Graphite)


DiscovR (Graphite)

Portable smart speaker with Alexa built-in, enhanced privacy and Music Discovery

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Discover a world without boundaries, where you can enjoy more of the music and radio you love. With an intuitive design that combines cutting-edge voice technology and connectivity with enhanced privacy, music discovery and tactile controls, smart speakers just got smarter.


  • Music Discovery

    Music Discovery

    Add songs you hear on the radio straight to your Spotify playlist by the touch of a button

  • MicDrop

    Mic Drop

    Close the speaker to physically disconnect the microphones for enhanced privacy

  • Quick Corners

    Quick Corners

    Preset any Alexa command to launch at the touch of a button, including your favourite stations and playlists, home control or Alexa skill

  • Portable


    Enjoy non-stop listening effortlessly anywhere with up to 15 hours of battery life

  • Alexa Built-in

    Alexa Built-in

    Music, news, sport, weather or smart home control. Ask Alexa anything

  • X-SPAN


    Pure's unique X-SPAN design allows the speaker to be compressed for enhanced privacy and ease of portability

  • Powerful sound

    Powerful sound

    Highly tuned 45W audio that delivers 360˚ room-filling performance

  • Wireless Music

    Wireless Music

    Stream music wirelessly with Alexa, Spotify Connect or Bluetooth

  • Multiroom


    Connect with other compatible speakers to spread music and radio throughout your home

  • Intuitive controls

    Intuitive controls

    Proximity detection and convenient touch controls for mic mute, volume, track skipping and source selection

  • Internet Radio

    Internet Radio

    Tune in to more than 25,000 radio stations from around the world

  • USB-C fast charge

    USB-C fast charge

    No more long charge times with USB-C compatibility

  • Aux-in


    Play your own music from any compatible device

Full Description

Introducing DiscovR, the portable smart speaker with Alexa built-in that packs a host of unique features. Its intuitive design blends touch-sensitive controls with cutting-edge voice technology, allowing for enhanced privacy and innovative Music Discovery. Smart speakers just got smarter.

Mic Drop

The smart speaker that listens, unless you don’t want it to. Thanks to its innovative custom engineering, DiscovR is the only smart speaker on the market that offers a unique, compressing X-SPAN design, that when closed, physically disconnects the microphones for enhanced privacy.

Music Discovery

Listening to the radio is one of the most common uses for a smart speaker. Heard a track you love on your favourite station? A simple tap of the Music Discovery button lets you identify and add any song you hear on the radio to a Spotify playlist for listening back later.

Quick Corners

Just ask Alexa and she’ll answer questions, play music, read the news, set timers and alarms, check sports scores, control your smart home and much more.

We know the importance of convenience, so when speaking a command out loud isn’t always possible, DiscovR comes with intuitive Quick Corners. You can pre-set Alexa commands, radio stations or playlists to be accessed instantly at the touch of a button.

When in proximity to DiscovR, the buttons and the light ring will illuminate for ease of use in low light. There’s also a button to mute the microphone, touch controls for volume and track skipping and source selection is shown by its corresponding colour.

Effortlessly portable

DiscovR offers a live and on-demand audio experience that can be enjoyed effortlessly, anywhere. Simply pick up and play for up to 15 hours of portable listening, with USB C fast-charging. Whether singing along to your favourite playlist in the kitchen or relaxing to the sound of a new podcast in your bedroom, listen your way with DiscovR.

Astounding audio

Enjoy immersive listening with boundary-pushing 360° sound, bringing you closer to the music and radio you love. Engineered with an impressive down-firing subwoofer and dual tweeters, DiscovR delivers ultimate clarity and room-filling audio performance.

Unparalleled connectivity

Give your music, radio and podcasts the freedom they deserve, with listening via Alexa, Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth and aux-in. You can also connect to compatible speakers, including other DiscovR speakers, for a versatile multiroom set up. 

Pure Home app

Setting up your DiscovR couldn’t be easier. Download the easy-to-use and intuitive Pure Home app to connect your DiscovR to a wireless network, Spotify and Alexa. You can also customise your speaker settings and access product support, plus you’ll be notified of any new software updates.


  • Voice:

    Alexa Voice Service (AVS)

  • Presets:

    4 Quick Corner presets for:

    • Smart voice commands
    • Stations
    • Playlists
    • Home control
    • Alexa skills

  • Audio:

    • 45 W RMS
    • 1 x 3" Woofer
    • 2 x 1/4" Tweeters
    • Far-field microphone array for voice recognition

  • Top-panel features:

    Capacitive touch sensitive control - radio volume up/down, microphone mute, Alexa action button (tap-to-talk), source switching, Music Discovery(Track Identification), Quick Corner presets

    Music Control:

    • 1 x tap of multi functional button to play/pause
    • 2 x tap of multi functional button to skip next track
    • 3 x tap of multi functional button to go to previous track

    Proximity sensor - illuminates controls when motion detected within 2cm of top panel surface

  • Wireless:

    802.11b/g/n/ac (2.4Ghz/5GHz) Dual-band Wi-Fi support

    Bluetooth® v4.2

  • 2.4G Wi-Fi frequency range:

    2.412-2.472 GHz, Maximum power: 18.85 dBm / 76.73 mW (EIRP)

  • 5G Wi-Fi frequency range:

    5.180-5.350 GHz, Maximum power: 17.95 dBm / 62.37 mW (EIRP); 5.500-5.700 GHz, Maximum power: 16.83 dBm / 48.19 mW (EIRP); 5.745-5.825 GHz, Maximum power: 13.24 dBm / 21.08 mW (EIRP)

  • Bluetooth frequency range:

    2.402-2.480 GHz (BLE), Maximum power: 6.74 dBm / 4.72 mW (EIRP); 2.402-2.480 GHz (EDR); Maximum power: 10.28 dBm / 10.66 mW (EIRP)

  • Input connectors:

    3.5mm Auxiliary input for audio playback

    USB-C port for charging/power (up to 3A supported)

  • Battery:

    1 x 7.4 V, 2500 mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (Not user replaceable)

    Up to 15 hours Runtime

  • Energy and battery management:

    You can adjust energy and battery management settings for the product in the app settings. The following options are available:

    • Auto-off (default when speaker closed and running on battery)
    • Turn off after 15 minutes when idle (user-selectable only)
    • Turn off after 30 minutes when idle (deafult when speaker open and running on battery)

    When the product is set to turn off after 15 minutes in both battery and energy management modes, the product meets CEC requirements.

  • Operational temperature:

    0°C to +40°C

  • Materials:

    • Enclosure: Aluminium
    • Grill: Steel
    • Base: Non-slip Polymer
    • Top panel surface: ABS Polymer

  • Dimensions:

    Open state:

    • 140 (H) x 110 (W) x 110 (D) mm

    Closed state:

    • 105 (H) x 110 (W) x 110 (D) mm

  • Weight:

    0.97 kg

  • Service & support:

    2 year warranty

What's in the box

Box contents:

  • DiscovR
  • USB-C cable


Documentation & help

  • How do I setup my DiscovR speaker? Is there an app involved?

    Setting up your DiscovR is simple and should only take a few minutes. All you need to do is download the Pure Home app via the Google Play Store or the Apple app store using your mobile device. Once downloaded, follow the in-app instructions to get your speaker up and running.

  • Do I need an Amazon account to use DiscovR?

    An Amazon acccount isn't required to use DiscovR if you are simply streaming content over Bluetooth or Spotify Connect. However it will allow you to get the most out of your speaker and provide access to a wider range of Alexa supported features, including voice control and enabling Quick Corners.

    If you already have an Amazon account, simply enter your log-in details when prompted during the product setup. If you don't currently have an Amazon account, you will be prompted to register for one in the Pure Home app.

  • Can I access Alexa on my DiscovR whilst offline?

    No. DiscovR requires an internet connection in order to use Alexa voice commands. You can always listen to music via the Bluetooth connection or the Aux-in connection if you are not in range of a Wi-Fi network. 

  • Will Alexa work over Bluetooth?

    Alexa will not work on a Bluetooth-only connection. Alexa will only work when connected to a Wi-Fi network. 

  • Will my speaker work in a country that doesn’t have Alexa support?

    If your valid Amazon account is for an Alexa-supported country, then you’ll be able to use your speaker whether at home or when travelling abroad. If you don’t have an Amazon account for a supported country, then Amazon Alexa and its features will not be available. 

  • Is Alexa always listening to me?

    No. Your device is only designed to listen after the wake word has been detected or when tapping the Action button. You can delete the history of any spoken commands/requests directly through the Amazon Alexa app. 

  • Can two DiscovR speakers be setup as a stereo pair?

    No. Stereo pairing is not available on DiscovR speakers, but it does support multi-room capabilities when streaming over Wi-Fi. 

  • Does my speaker have an alarm feature?

    Your speaker has alarm features through Alexa. When you are signed into Alexa, you can request to set alarms, set reminders or timers, and the speaker will wake and play the alarms or timers at the requested time.

    Note : If you intend to use this as your primary alarm, please ensure your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network and powered via USB. 

  • Can I make phone calls through my DiscovR speaker?

    No. this feature is not currently supported on the DiscovR speaker, however this may be made available in a future update. 

  • Does this smart speaker provide access to radio?

    Yes. You can access thousand of internet radio stations from around the world providing you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Simply ask Alexa to play the radio station of your choice 

  • Should I stream music using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? And what is the difference?

    Both of these are widely used streaming methods for audio but can serve different purposes.

    Wi-Fi streaming relies on your smart speaker being connected to a wireless network. Wi-Fi offers better sound quality, has a greater wireless range than Bluetooth and also allows you to connect to multiple speaker devices, so you can enjoy a full multi-room listening experience.

    Bluetooth on the other hand is a short-range wireless solution and works by pairing a Bluetooth-enabled speaker to a smart controller device (phone, tablet, PC....) to access music. This can be a quick and convenient way of streaming when Wi-Fi is unavailable, however the speaker will always be reliant on being wirelessly connected to the smart controlling device. Both devices will need to be physically in range of one another in order to maintain playback (usually limited to a range of up to 10m). 

  • I've heard you need a Spotify Premium account to use Spotify Connect. Is this true?

    Not anymore. The Spotify Connect feature is now available to all Spotify account holders, including those who are registered on a free, standard account.

  • Does Music Discovery support other Music services?

    Although the Music Discovery feature is capable of identifying songs streamed from other music services, at present, the resulting track can only be added to a Spotify playlist. We are looking at ways of extending support to other music streaming services, which may be available in a future update. 

  • What is Apple AirPlay 2 and how can I learn more about is supported features?

    Apple AirPlay 2 allows you enjoy your favourite music or podcasts throughout your house — in perfect sync. You can even play different songs in different rooms.

    For more information on Apple AirPlay 2, please visit www.apple.com