DAB+ Upgrade

Choose one of three simple ways to enjoy more from DAB+

Put the cherry on top with DAB+

With even more choice in stations, some of which are exclusive to DAB+, stereo quality sound and a more robust reception, it’s time to put the cherry on top of digital radio and enjoy even more with DAB+.

And getting the best from DAB+ is easy – just follow one of the three choices below.

Option A:
Retune your existing DAB+ radio

If you already have a DAB+ compatible radio, simply retune your digital radio to pick up the latest stations recently launched exclusively to DAB+

Unsure if your radio is DAB+ ready? Check its compatibility below.

Option B:
Upgrade your radio for FREE

For a limited time only you can upgrade your existing Pure radio's software and unlock DAB+ for free!

You'll require a computer to perform the upgrade and not every radio may be compatible. Check to see if you're eligible for an upgrade by seeing our compatibility list below.

Option C:
Choose a new DAB+ ready radio

With DAB+ digital radios available for any occasion, in and out of the home, you'll be sure to find what you need from our range.

Check out our latest DAB+ range of digital radios.