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A great night’s sleep is absolutely vital when it comes to resting our bodies and minds. So, when we don’t get enough shut-eye, it can take a serious toll on our energy, productivity and mental health. If you, like so many others, find yourself tossing and turning at night, then we’re here to help.

Let’s face it, there’s not very many of us who enjoy an early morning. And while there’s no escape from that bleary-eyed wake up call, we’re here to put a much-needed spring in your step from the moment your day begins.

Brewers do everything to set apart their prized beer from the rest – even when it comes to naming the drink. So much so, that we think they sound just as wacky as most bands playing every summer festival. So, can you tell the difference? It’s harder than you think!

To get you dapper chaps primed for an unforgettable summer weekend, we've teamed up with menswear experts The Idle Man to give the lowdown on what you need to wear this festival season. 

As London Fashion Week rolls into town, it’s given us the perfect excuse to look back over our cherished collection of trendy radios – from the understatedly chic, to the downright bombastic. So take a trip down the catwalk with us as we salute Pure’s most fashionable models.