Playlist: Morning Motivation


Let’s face it, there’s not very many of us who enjoy an early morning. Just the idea of peeling yourself away from the comfortable haven of your bed at an ungodly hour is enough to send shivers down the spine.

While there’s no escape from that bleary-eyed wake up call, we’re here to put a much-needed spring in your step from the moment your day begins. It wasn’t easy, but after much deliberation, we’ve devised the ultimate playlist to put some oomph into your morning routine!

Whether it’s a classic party-starter from MJ, some feel-good indie or a dosage of cheesy pop, every tune here is designed to get your blood pumping and put a great big grin on your face. Basically, it’s the musical equivalent of that caffeine-charged mug of coffee you chug every morning.

If you want to listen while getting ready in the bedroom, then our Siesta S6 alarm clock radio is the ultimate morning companion – providing Bluetooth music streaming on top of amazing DAB+ radio. Aside from great music listening options, it also boasts a stunning auto-dimming display and USB power ports for overnight phone charging.

So, instead of wallowing around in a groggy state of despair, discover your rise and shine with Pure’s Morning Motivation playlist!