Why the radio still has a place in our homes

The Telegraph recently published an article arguing for radio having a rightful place in our homes, and I think they’ve made a valid argument. With nearly 48 million listeners, that’s 90% of the adult population that tune in weekly- radio is still an industry loved and listened to by many.

The radio’s not dying; it’s evolving

The increase in popularity of streaming services like Spotify, Napster and Pandora has changed the landscape of the industry, but hasn’t made the radio totally redundant. Listeners aren’t abandoning the radio every morning when their alarms wake them up, or on the way to work in the car or whilst they’re cooking – people love the company the radio gives them.  

Modern music streaming doesn’t necessarily mean better

Why do people still enjoy conventional radio when online streaming services are available, with personalised music that can be ad-free at a premium? Because radio is not just about the music. We trust the radio presenters we choose to listen to and when we listen we find out facts, jokes, and opinions and stories that make us think – it’s an intimate form of media. Streaming services may say they’re personalised but is anything more personal than listening to the same radio presenter every day and hearing stories about their lives? While personalised music streaming services are a great way to discover new music, such as Spotify’s Discover Weekly feature, there is no substitute for the personal introductions and passionate insight that music discovery via radio offers. We trust that DJ’s recommendation, because we’re familiar with the personality we hear on the radio, as well as their insight into music.  

With many key figures from the industry gathering at the recent Radio Times Festival, radio is as strong as ever. Ease of use and simplicity will make it difficult to kill off radio as we know it. Whether you listen on the go to catch the latest sports game or every morning as your trusty bedside alarm, the radio is not going anywhere.