A Pure Insight into IFA


A Pure Insight into IFA

It’s that time of year again; we’re here at IFA, the annual event that takes place in the German capital, Berlin. As always it sees the launch of exciting future technology - some that make it into our lives and others that are, perhaps, just a little too far-fetched.

Two days in and we’ve already seen some emerging trends: from new wearable technologies, hi-res audio and the latest and greatest home entertainment systems.

Instead of going over the latest curved TVs, mobile phones and wearables (of which there are many) we thought we would bring you our favourite picks.

Panasonic’s magical carpet ride

The company has launched a full surround sound system built into corners of a stylish rug. It works with a regular surround system with no need for lots of cables (which of course is the magic part!). 

There’s an app for that

Waiting for the kettle to boil when you first wake up can be a drag. So when connected appliance maker, Smarter, announced its new iKettle 2.0, we ran off to buy some PG Tips.  

We love accents

Philips' new Lightstrip Plus is the latest addition to its Hue range, and is as bright as an actual bulb. These LED strips are really fun to use for decorating your home, especially as they switch to millions of colours. We’re certain you’ll be able to match one to our Evoke Mio range of digital radios.

Bringing retro back 

All those perfect selfies, and family and friend shots often get archived in your phone without so much of an appearance again. Well, Polaroid’s latest Snap device prints 3x2 photos without using any separate ink. Instead, the paper you load into it reacts to heat from the camera to fashion the images. It also has a selfie timer and a range of preset filters you can use.

What about Pure we hear you cry?

Well, with digital radio making significant waves across Europe and beyond, we’ve introduced our biggest range expansion ever.

The new line-up includes: the Evoke F3 digital and internet radio with Bluetooth and Spotify Connect; the third generation of the world’s best-selling digital radio family, One Mini, Midi and Maxi; a new bedside radio, Siesta Rise, and the Evoke C series, a range of all-in-one home audio systems.