A Pure insight into IFA 2014


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What is IFA we hear you murmur? IFA, set in the German capital, Berlin, is one of Europe’s biggest consumer electronics shows that traditionally sees major tech companies launch the world’s best-selling mobile devices, TVs and audio devices. It’s also home for the next six days.

The event is an opportunity for some of the biggest players, like Sony, Samsung, Apple, and Panasonic alongside new start-ups, and “ones to watch” (like ourselves), to showcase new and exciting technologies that are set to make an appearance in our lives over the coming months. From smartphones to laptops, wearables to home appliances, IFA has it all.

So, what can we expect to see? The short answer, lots. While we are on the ground we wanted to keep you abreast of the latest news and give you a glimpse of what’s to come.

Smaller and smarter was a trend in the smartphone industry when they first came out, but as it appears, with the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Edge, which sports a drop away screen, curving sharply on the right edge, conjuring connotations of an infinity pool, alongside rumours of Apple’s impending launch of the iPhone 6, marks a distinct move into the "phablet" sector. “Phablet” being a cross between phone and tablet, no, we aren’t a fan of that phrase either.

Of course, there is lots more going on than just mobile phones. The two key trends that are expected to take off in the next year, as we see it are: wearables and wireless audio streaming, and we’ve given you a little break down on each.

The home is going to be where the magic happens, with the launch of a number of new curved high definition screens, and ultra-high definition TVs, new home appliances and of course, our favourite, wireless audio streaming. All of which are set to make our homes a connected haven.

As you may have seen, yesterday, we launched our Jongo X Series, designed to provide a seamless and synchronised audio stream around your home for any music, and any app. So what does that really mean? Well, if you have more than one Jongo in your household, it uses Wi-Fi to send that audio around the house, using a family of technologies called Caskeid to keep the audio in sync. Flexibility and choice being a key feature in this trend, you can also stream your favourite music from any audio app to multiple Jongo speakers.

While we’re on the subject of making our homes an enjoyable place, another exciting technology that caught our attention, was the launch of the Dyson, ‘360 Eye’ robotic vacuum cleaner with live cameras, take a look here. We appreciate it might not make it into every home just yet, but we’re looking forward to giving one a go when they do.

Wearables, to those that aren’t in the know yet are clothing and accessories incorporating computers and advanced electronic technologies. Despite being widely talked about, it looks likely that this will soon be the next phenomenon with everyone getting in on the action. Yesterday, we saw Sony launch the SW3 smart watch and there is also talk of Apple unveiling its "iWatch", a wrist-worn device that links wirelessly to its iconic iPhones or iPads. Another that caught our eye was the launch of the Kizon, LG's wearable for concerned parents. Thanks to WiFi and GPS, it will help parents locate their children at any given time, as well as working as a one-button emergency dialling device, thanks to its SIM card.

New technology enters our lives on a daily basis, some subtle and others that have a huge impact on the way we live. It is second nature to many, and still daunting for some, but if this show teaches us anything, it’s to embrace it, as there is lots more to come.