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Friday kicked off the bi-annual showcase of some the world’s leading fashion talent as well as the celebration of British design. Five days packed with parties, catwalks, presentations and showrooms from the most prestigious names in the fashion world. As well as exclusive invitation only shows, London fashion week hosts numerous events that are open to the public such as free workshops and discount shopping.

Last night the nominations for the 2014 Barclaycard Mercury Prize were announced. The Mercury Prize is an annual music prize awarded to the best album in the United Kingdom. The shortlist is selected by an independent panel of musicians, music executives and journalists. All genres of music are eligible for the prize as can be seen by this year’s nominations which showcase a variety of different music.

This weekend played host to Bestival, one of the UK’s top summer festivals which takes place annually on the Isle of Wright. It’s seen by many as the finale of summer festivals and boasts a huge line-up. This year was no exception with a theme of ‘desert island disco’ which saw thousands of revellers don wacky costumes. With a multitude of live entertainment, dance stages and parades, Bestival really is a wonderful way to end the summer. Here were our favourites from the weekend:

What is IFA we hear you murmur? IFA, set in the German capital, Berlin, is one of Europe’s biggest consumer electronics shows that traditionally sees major tech companies launch the world’s best-selling mobile devices, TVs and audio devices. It’s also home for the next six days.

Cardiff-based, Samoans start things with a strange but wonderful mix of prog and math-rock, a genre that emerged in the late 80's and that was influenced by both the intricacies of progressive

On first glance, Manchester Cathedral doesn’t look the most likely place to put on gigs. One girl in the queue actually asks, “would God approve of this?”, but with music bringing about a sense of belonging and community, it isn’t such a far stretch from religion in my mind.The crowd is an odd mix of people, ranging from middle class suit wearers just out of work, hipster students trying to outdo each other, and musicaficionados just wanting to hear the bands. But one thing does unite everyone, the love of music and the near desperation for Conor Oberst to play.