Listen to Robert Llewellyn's ‘The Man in the Rubber Mask’ on PURE radios


Robert Llewellyn with PURE ONE FlowWe have had a great couple of weeks working with cult Red Dwarf actor, Robert Llewellyn, and Audioboo, the audio mobile and web platform, to make an audio version of Robert's book, ‘The Man in the Rubber Mask’. The audiobook is now available  through our internet-connected digital radios and the PURE Lounge website, as well as online through Robert Llewellyn’s dedicated Audioboo channel.

Robert Llewellyn is using Audioboo to record each chapter of the book, which tells the story of the life changing years he spent playing the mechanoid, Kryten, in BBC’s Red Dwarf. Each chapter will be available for fans to listen to on PURE internet radios and the PURE Lounge or Audioboo websites for a limited period of time. The first chapters are available to listen to now and fans will be able to purchase the whole audiobook from the Audioboo website after the promotion has ended.

Says Robert Llewellyn: “There’s only one way to improve the intellectual pleasures of reading, and that’s by removing the actual reading. The radio is an ideal medium for listening to audiobooks and I am particularly pleased to be working with leading radio manufacturer PURE, to deliver The Man in the Rubber Mask to people who would like all the pleasure of reading my book but without the actual reading.”

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