Christmas gifts for tech and gadget geeks


Looking for the perfect gift for the tech lover in your life? You’ve come to the right place. With a choice of smart speakers, games consoles and even an app-controlled coffee mug, you can’t go wrong with our pick of festive presents for the gadget geek.  

Pure DiscovR smart speaker

Let your loved one lose themselves in their favourite podcasts, internet radio stations or Spotify playlists with the gift of Pure DiscovR this Christmas. While functioning as a fully voice-activated Alexa speaker, DiscovR can also be operated manually with touch sensitive controls and is the only smart speaker that when closed, physically disconnects the microphones for enhanced privacy.

Offering fully immersive 360° sound, DiscovR takes listening to the next level; with unparalleled connectivity and Music Discovery allowing users to identify and save any song heard on the radio to a Spotify playlist. Its portable form and 15-hour battery life also means high-quality audio performance can be enjoyed anywhere around the home.

£242.99 at Pure

Zendure A2 power bank

We’ve all been there. You’re tapping away furiously trying to send an important message before your phone battery runs out. Then disaster strikes; you’re greeted by a black screen of death. While we wait for smartphone manufacturers to create a handset that lasts the whole day, the best bet for now is to gift your smartphone-loving friend this rugged power bank from Zendure, which can fully charge a mobile device up to three times while on the go.  

£34.99 at Amazon

Nintendo Switch Lite gaming console

Two years after the original Nintendo Switch took the world by storm, the Japanese gaming giant has now launched its younger sibling – which is sure to be a big hit this Christmas for little kids and big kids alike. Designed specifically for handheld gaming, the Nintendo Switch Lite lets players jump into their favourite titles wherever they go. So, whether that’s playing Pokémon in the park or Mario Kart on the bus, the fun never has to stop.

£199.99 at GAME

Pure StreamR DAB+ speaker

Let the very best radio, music and podcasts fuel the festive cheer this Christmas with StreamR. Combining a vast choice of digital radio stations with the portable music enjoyment of a Bluetooth speaker, enrich your loved one's listening experience even further. It even offers unique access to Alexa, so they have the power of Amazon’s voice assistant wherever they go.

With powerful, 360⁰, room filling audio coupled with 15 hours of battery life when fully charged, StreamR is a Christmas party on the go. 

£179.99 at Pure

D-Link mini smart plug

In an age where most tech, from fridges to doorbells, seems to be smart, any gadget that can’t be controlled with an app or voice is probably considered a bit dumb. That’s where this wonder plug comes in, which can turn almost any electronic appliance into a smart counterpart. Perfect for lamps and heaters, it’s easy to set a daily schedule via the companion app. But to really take advantage of its smart capabilities, simply link the device to an Alexa account and control it by talking to the Pure DiscovR or StreamR speaker. Now that’s smart.  

£29.99 at Amazon

Ember temperature control mug

There’s nothing quite like a great brew in the morning. In fact, we can hardly function without one! This nifty little mug from Ember solves a big problem for tea and coffee guzzlers everywhere, by using internal heating technology to keep the beverage hot for up to an hour. Just link the clever cup up to the Bluetooth-connected companion app, set it to the ideal temperature and nurse the hot caffeinated drink while smashing through a morning’s work.  

£71.95 at Amazon


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