The best radio stations to help you relax

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No matter who you are, life can sometimes get a bit chaotic. So, whenever you’re feeling a little stressed out, it’s important to take some much-needed ‘me time’ and completely unwind.

With a huge choice of digital and internet radio at your fingertips, it’s a brilliant platform to discover stations designed to help you sleep, meditate or simply chill out. To guide you on a path to total relaxation, we’ve picked out some of our favourites.

Listen along to our picks, no matter where you are, with our range of digital and internet radios for the home and on-the-go.


Playing non-stop chillout music from dusk till dawn, this radio station is available on DAB in London and the East Midlands, and on internet radio just about everywhere else in the world. Starting off as an experiment of like-minded people who swapped mixes and compilations, Chill has now evolved into a hugely popular station across the globe for people looking for a calming fix of genres like trip-hop, ambient and more.

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Ambient Sleeping Pill

Struggling to get your forty winks at night? Then this internet station is just the ticket. With a completely ad-free output, Ambient Sleeping Pill’s masterfully curated playlist of soothing music is designed to aid ‘sleeping, taking naps, tuning out distractions at work, meditating or simply relaxing.’ It’s also been joined by new sister station, a.m. ambient, which plays bright and positive music to kick-start your day.

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ABC Lounge

According to the station themselves, ABC Lounge invites listeners to laze in the sun of the French Riviera. We’re not sure about you, but that sounds like an invitation too good to turn down! An easy listening playlist that combines the best of jazz, lounge and chill-out music, the station is a perfect tonic for when life gets a bit too stressful.

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Meditation Music

Meditation is a proven treatment for stress, anxiety and depression, as well as being great for all-round mental wellbeing. This UK-based internet radio station has a 24-hour playlist of tranquil, ambient music that’s specifically designed to promote the meditative experience – whether you’re a newcomer to the practice or a master guru.

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Mellow Magic

Forming part of Magic’s superb family of stations, this online-only gem boasts a playlist of timeless, relaxing tunes from a host of world-renowned artists. Promising non-stop hits, with no filler in sight, Mellow Magic is the ideal radio destination for those who love to unwind to the familiar sound of iconic artists like Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac and many more.

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Sleep Radio

Another sleep-inducing station, but this one comes with a touching back-story. Sleep Radio was founded in 2014 by 62-year-old New Zealander, John Watson, who created it after years of suffering from insomnia as the result of a heart attack. Since then, the station has gone from strength to strength – with a loyal legion of listeners around the world, and ambient music producers lining up to have their material broadcasted.

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